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Even a Jester Can Get Depressed When You're Losing the War | October
As a blogger you have to be a little bit of a cheerleader. Whereas the MSM dudes and ladies have no choice but to watch the game because it's actually part of their job I have no responsibility to the club at all. In some ways I think that makes it more difficult. I have a choice. This is a hobby. I can beg for mercy and they'll just chop my head off. The MSM has to get disemboweled.

I am a fan of Flyers hockey. Not just a group of guys in Flyers uniforms. And over the past couple of weeks this team has made me about as interested in watching games as they seem to be in playing them. Which is to say not at all. Since the Flyers left for their west coast road trip I've wasted at least 30 hours of my free time watching those guys go out there and do whatever it is they've been doing. And in the end we all get burned. Hesitant excitement off the opening draw has been rewarded with kicks to the stomach for 60 minutes of hockey on any given night.

Loss 1-0
Loss 3-0
Loss 8-2
Loss 3-1
Loss 2-0
Loss 4-1
Loss 6-1
Loss 2-1

What kind of person would continue to do that to themselves? And I would argue that not watching the game tonight doesn't mean you're a fair weather fan. Because fuck them for not trying. It's a case of opportunity cost. Does it make me less of a fan because I don't want to watch a bunch of lazy shitheads go out there and disgrace 40+ years of tradition by not back checking, not fore checking, and not winning one-on-one battles? I would argue it makes me more of a fan. I'm not excited about the possibility of violence tonight. I'm not excited about the chance that the Flyers could snap this streak tonight with a historic 10-1 win. Because like the Flyers themselves I only believe because I'm stubborn. I don't want things to be a mess. But sooner or later you have to look at the only relevant fact: 3-12-1.

I'm tired of hearing the same answers to the same questions. I can't imagine how tired they are of answering them.

So if this game day doesn't pump you up that would make sense - because what's to be excited about. Can't be your jester on this one.

And unfortunately I know I'll have the game on because I am stubborn in that way too. But I'll probably hedge my bets by multitasking and writing a poem or something. Maybe a sexual love song painting.

The Flyers need to prove something to even their most diehard fans. The ones that actually do bleed orange because of serious iron deficiencies in their blood. They get a small window during the day to speak with their actions and they've been consistently blowing it and then we get another 48 hours of "we gotta work harder" quotes. We're hanging on hoping for something no matter how bad it gets but just stop already.

You didn't always lose, you won't always lose again. Start winning now.