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Let's get something straight. Ray Emery is not up against his old team tomorrow night. He's up against his former employer. Because of all the guys (23 or 33 depending on how you want to count it) that were on the Senators during Emery's crisis year only 8 remain. And only 7 will most likely be in the lineup:

Chris Phillips

Daniel Alfredsson

Chris Neil

Jason Spezza

Mike Fisher

Nick Foligno

Shean Donovan (healthy scratch last 2 games)

Chris Kelly

Volchenkov is out of the line up with an injury and there are a couple of other AHL/NHL players who got games in with that squad, like Brian Lee and Brian Elliot, that you could hardly count as part of the team. Left over from the Stanley Cup run the year before are only 6: Alfredsson, Fisher, Neil, Spezza, Kelly, and Phillips.

So really he's playing against a jersey he used to wear, which NHL players do every single night, and a ex-teammate he once had a disagreement with during practice in the dump truck faced Chris Neil.

This isn't Cole Hamels coming back to face Roy Haladay and the Phils next Spring, boys. Come on!