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The Chance of a Daytime | October

Life is unpredictable like this. When you awoke this morning little did you know you were going to be presented with the opportunity to make 19,499 people laugh tonight by doing almost nothing. Little did you know you were going to be on tv. Little did you know people were going to get you so drunk that this would be your last day of work this week.

All you have to do to earn all this glory is figure out a way to get this picture on a giant poster and simply lift your hands up while holding it. Probably put it on both sides if you can so everyone can appreciate it at once. If you don't have the capability surely someone you know does. Send it to them.

Do it. Hold it high. Snap a pic and let us see.

Like checking the Phillies base runner situation from 2:30 to 5 is going to take that much of your concentration.

Philadelphia, I implore you, be a hero.

(If you just want to print it out and disperse it among the mens rooms please feel free to do that as well. E-mail us your section at flyersgoalscoredby@gmail.com and we'll personalize one and send it to you. If you want to mail it to Tyler Kennedy himself here's his address:

17 Pownal Farm Road

Trough 8

Pittsburgh, PA 04848)