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Goals Per 60 Minutes - King Zherdev | December

OK this is the last one, over the past few weeks I felt like I was trying to prove something to someone, everyone, but he's gone and done it himself. His goal against the Penguins was gigantic. Against the Canadiens, insurance it turned out we needed to have purchased. Against the Rangers, crippling. He's going to have to get colder than a Ukrainian winter for Jody Shelley to come back and take his place.

For players with over 20 games this season:


He has literally blown away the competition in goals per 60 minutes played thus far this season. Lucic and Crosby are respectively having a hell of a year each when it comes to putting that puck in the net at even strength. But Zherdev is just freaking dangerous out there.

And with that we'll let it lie. Don't want to talk about contract extensions, his future in the NHL at all, or anything about his English or Russian. I just want him playing every game the rest of the season with capable linemates - that's it.

Thanks too www.behindthenet.ca for the stats.