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Do I Tweet @MikeTestwuide? | February
I'm a fan of the Flyers. No shit, right?

But there's all these articles coming out about bloggers rights and responsibilities and guess what - I don't give a shit about any of it. If bloggers are fighting for their rights I'm like the Japanese Internment Camp guy who's like 'No, I'll just stay in here, I kind of like this cage.' (by far the least controversial setting-civil-rights-back analogy I can make because everyone pokes a little fun at Asians, amirite?)

We didn't start this blog because we wanted to get free tickets, and especially not to talk to players. They never say anything anyway except how great their teammates are. 'Yeah, I already know that guy. That's why I have all those pictures of them and candles I carved to look like them.' But things are getting weird.

Twitter is causing me quite a bit of anxiety. A couple weeks ago we convinced JVR to follow us and then we got drunk at a staff meeting and Tweeted the shit out him and the rest of the internet. He doesn't follow us anymore. I don't think he blocked us, but pretty sure he doesn't follow us.

But that's the problem - he doesn't need to follow us. If you're not familiar with Twitter it's like having everyone in the world's email address, you just have to keep it to text length. You can let them know you want their attention just by including their name in your message. It's very strange.

I imagine those of you who still check phone bills with a pencil, have a 'land line', or have raved to your friends about The Magic Jack just crapped your jean shorts.

So I was reading this very decent article by Julie Robenhymer of Hockeybuzz and she dropped Mike Testwuide's Twitter account at the end of it. So we now follow him (Mike, btw, you need to get that picture changed to some mother fucking Flyers shit - you're not in Colorado anymore, hippy). But what do I have to say to the guy? What does he have to say to everyone? He went golfing yesterday with his teammates. I don't want to know that.

It's weird. Athletes on Twitter just say what they do and we gobble it up (@CamJanssen55 being the exception). If you're no one like us you have to be witty, funny, clever, or at least provide some news. If I was listing off my activities for the day no one would follow us - sitting at my desk, sitting at my desk, just got a forward from a friend, sitting at my desk, thinking about pooping but need to charge my iPhone so I can play solitaire, sitting at my desk, Tweeting (which = pooping), back at my desk, thinking about leaving but it's only 11AM, watching YouTube, ….

So we follow Mike on Twitter now, but I'm thinking about getting in front of this one and dropping him.

This blog exists to do what Michael Leighton did to our Cup hopes, but to the internet - fuck it up.

On a side note, if the city of Philadelphia wants any money from me to keep an online diary of my emotions regarding the Flyers they're gonna make me get all Mel Gibson pre-Nazi Braveheart on their asses. I have some demands, and the first one involves the mayor L-ing some B's.

(Blogger these days, Stan…..just, just, no accountability at all…..I tell ya')