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Flyers and Leaves to Resume Death Match After 6 Month Commercial Break | February
Carnage. (please note that I did not get permission from Tim Panaccio to use his patented single first sentence of a post/article technique)

We all saw Gladiator. We all know what's going on here. While we like our real lives to be filled with lottery winnings and carousel rides we also like to watch people fight in a controlled environment where there's no chance the base humanism might spill into your real world, or even possibly right onto your shirt.

So as a fan with the NHL NETWORK you should be excited that tonight's game against the Leaves and their newly minted Captain Dion Phaneuf is, like the revolution, going to be televised.

I realized this morning on the subway I can't read an entire article. Of like, anything. I was reading New York Magazine and there's what I suspect is a very good article about John Stewart, but after two columns I was like, 'God my eyes and neck and brain and butt hurt. What's playing on the advertisements hanging all over the subway car. Oh, hammer toes.'

So here are the facts:

Last year we played 6 games against the Leafs, including the preseason. There were 18 fights. That's almost 20% of the Flyers fights for the season/preseason in like 6% of the games. That's b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

The Leafs still have Colton Orr. You've seen what Jody Shelley did to Orr last season, so I'm not even going to post the clip.

The Leafs also still have Jay Rosehill - a good minor league goon hoping to one day be a decent major league goon. We've got answers for that.

Last year I had this to say, if your still clamoring for more blog:

It’d never be possible to have a real rivalry with a Canadian team just because, simply put, we’re not in the club. Especially when it comes to a Canadian team that was part of the original six – just not possible. But recent history, off-season roster moves, and changes in both front offices, whether it be in frame of mind or actual personnel, have this relationship growing into one of the most heated Canada-US rivalries in the league.


The only thing that was maybe missing from the equation was the violence that a decent rivalry inspires. I’m not sure, especially after last night, that this is going to be a problem anymore. Paul Holmgren has apparently decided to hearken back to a team toughness that Philadelphia hasn’t seen for decades by bringing in Daniel Carcillo, Ian Laperriere, Chris Pronger, Arron Asham, and Ray Emery. Brian Burke has taken over as the GM of the Leafs and all of a sudden a roster that has lacked toughness over the past few years boasts names like Orr, Rosehill, Komisarek, and Exelby. When these two teams meet in the regular season there is going to be a high probability of war on ice. But like it so often is time is actually working against us.

These two clubs have about 4 months to cool down. They don’t meet up again until January. But the good thing is that hockey players have memories like elephants. Carcillo vs. Stempniak will not go forgotten. But Carcillo is not on his own on this team, and it looks like neither is Orr. So it’s something to look forward to. But in another way the schedule also works in our favor, as these clubs meet once in March and then once in April, a time when the Flyers will surely be fighting for the division title and the Leafs to make the post-season. Every game against this team is going to be worth watching.

So rivalry? Maybe not. But the Leafs have been a pain in the ass for a while now and the addition of Colton Orr alone moves them a couple spaces up on my shit list. But Lappy seems to be aware of the situation, and that's something that makes me confident that the trend of the past 4 seasons will be reversed this year.

Looks like I was right…eh! Eeeeeeh!

As far as what will happen with the group tonight versus tomorrow night I can't lend any insight. Because while Frank Seravalli did tell us via Twitter that he spilled his apple juice on a bumpy flight to T-dot, he left out the only fact a Flyers fan would care about - who was on it.

But tonight and tomorrow there will be blood, regardless of what combination of players are out there. You can bet your ass on that. Ass blood.