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Flyers Blast Off | February

Chrissy Pronger
Whether it's sexist or not is for smarter people to decide. I can tell you one thing, it's not clever, and that's disappointing. Whether someone photoshopping him will make Chris Pronger play better? Are you serious? No. He will play better because that's the type of person he is.

Another goaltender controversy sparked by the MSM, because well, write what you know.

Snoop Dogg and the NHL
Not a good song, at least for a commercial. All the Reservoir Dogs shots of the guys in suits are pretty nice though.

We need a game that will get put in the Philly Classics Vault. If the Flyers do that we have a Game 7. If they don't play the game of their lives we get the Cup dangled in our faces in our city. I think Mike Richards is going to pick a spot in the first 5 minutes and try and end Patrick Kane's playoffs with a clean hit. And I hope he does. Or maybe Pronger, right in the Scott Stevens Spot.

If you've thought expert's predictions have ever mattered, in anything, tonight should be a fairly clear example of why they don't, and aren't even worth listening to. From what I can tell it's about 60/40 Hawks. I'd honestly be more interested in what a street gypsy had to say about it, because she has the same chance of being right as those experts. And if I had a budget, or not a real job, I'd walk a camera crew down to the corner and have some creepy lady flip some cards for me in a second floor apartment.

However, the over/under is going off at 5.5. You can bet your fucking house AND above ground pool on the over, baby. I did.