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Flyers Lose to Black-Eyed Leafs | February
Seriously, was there a guy on that team without a shiner? Dios mio.

The Flyers and the Maple Leafs faced off in London, Ontario blah blah blah.

Dude, what kind of tranquilizer was Daniel Carcillo on last night? With no C in the lineup (which we thought was a classy move for both teams) Carcillo should have been wearing the D for Diplomat. He was joking with Leafs after whistles. Hugging dudes. He even leaned in and asked Christian Hanson to repeat what he had said after at a stoppage and then chuckled.

Was there some peace accord that Brian Burke, who looks more like a chubby Doc Ellis every day, and Paul Holmgren signed over the summer?

One person who had his iPod in when they announced that there would be no punching of faces was Zac Rinaldo. From what I had seen in juniors I wondered if there would even be room for him on the Phantoms this year, but that git has the je ne sais pas. Actually, je sais - he nails people. He was faster and bigger than I remembered. Matt Clackson should be straight shittin' bricks because Rinaldo is going to fulfill the agitator-who-can-actually-skate-and-fight role in the Adirondacks this season. Klotz is the goon. Clackson is not turning out to be as skilled as his dad when it comes to the art of pugilism.

Say what you see, Ryan:

- It was funny to see Hartnell and especially Carle wearing the A's. One of those small intangibles I love about the pre-season.

- Fran and I were not tweeting your world off because we had a staff BBQ at best man's last night. We nailed down some burgers and seasoned fries oh momma!!! It won't happen again. Except it probably will, a lot.

- I was surprised that when I got my first glimpse of Bobrovsky he wasn't wearing those old goalie pads like Tretiak, Jim Craig, Tad from Friends, or Hextall when he first broke into the league. Those pillows that just soaked up all the water off the ice. Isn't Russia poor? Except for like the 7 rich dudes? Either way, guy looked ok. Taking penalty shots from ja-mokes in a 76 round shoot out. Until the 6 foot penguin (ZWR, not Pittsburgh) made him look like a dummy.

- Marc-Andre Bourdon might not be that far off from the show, in some capacity. But his pants are too big. Makes him look like some local high school player who doesn't know the importance of looking toight out there. Every shot they gave us of the penalty box made me hot for how tight dudes' orange-stripped socks were on their form fitting shin pads. That's how it's gotta be, buddy.

- Bill Guerin is definitely forcing it out there. Guarantee that if they gave him a contract he'd stop making passes that he shouldn't be making. But he is definitely keeping up, even though he's out there every other shift.

- Loved the Laviolette jacket. Hope he got a decent amount of $ for charity when he auctioned it off to Don Cherry after the game.

- If I were a Leafs fan I'd be terrified that Tim Hunter has another Berube-Cross incident and laughs at any point during the upcoming season. It's just something that makes you feel weird - like a car crash where the victims are having sex as you slowly rubberneck by. Weird, right?

- By all accounts we should have our A squad out there tonight in Toronto, and I guess if they didn't play last night the Leafs will have Wendel Clark, Doug Gilmour, Mats Sundin, Darcy Tucker, Felix Potvin, and Dion Phaneuf in the lineup. But more on that later.

"Every passing second is another chance to turn it all around." --> free Stanley Cup Finals rally towel for the first person to drop which movie that's from in the comments. Hint: the pic I twitted on the way into work this AM is reminiscent of a scene in the movie.

Also, please, get hip to this shit before Jody Shelley makes you. He and Mumford & Sons are playing between the 1st and 2nd periods tonight on the main concourse. Pluck it, Jody!: