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Some New Faces at Flyers Rookie Camp | February
The Flyers roster for rookie camp came out the other day and there were a couple additions to the group that took the ice for July's fitness oriented camp. 2 forwards and 3 D-men will be joining the tightly knit group of players that wreaked havoc on Sea Isle City back in July. If you're becoming more accustomed to getting your information as concisely as possible we have 3 major junior players, a recent college grad, and what appears to be an AHL lifer joining the mix. If you want a little more info please continue reading, but you'll have to sign this waiver relieving us of any liability should you or your feelings get hurt.


Matt Bissonnette is a center from the Quebec Major Junior league who sadly has no relation, as far as I can tell, to Paul BizNasty. He's a lanky 6'3 beanpole who put up 56 points in 49 games for three teams last year.

Hockey's future had this to say about him:

Talent Analysis
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Future Analysis Coming Soon...

The other forward we've actually already signed, and he goes by the moniker Michael Ryan from Boston, Massachusetts. Ryan's actually played 83 games in the show but only has 15 points to NHL for it. The product of BC High and Northeastern was drafted 32nd overall in 1999 but hasn't quite blossomed into the player the Sabres had hoped he would when they wasted their pick on him. He missed all but 3 games last season with post-concussion syndrome, which will work out well for the Flyers, because the organization likes to have someone around who's imminently in danger of a concussion at all times, and the departure of Simon Gagne had the front office worried for a couple weeks.


Cullen Eddy (yes I have that in the right order) is a Pittsburgh kid who just graduated from Mercyhurst after 4 fairly successful seasons. Once again, he's from the Pittsburgh area and played for the Junior Penguins, so please do your best not to touch him should you be visiting the Skate Zone any time next week. He probably has bed bugs.

Neil Manning is a 19 year old defenseman from British Columbia who put up 56 points in 72 games with the Vancouver Giants last year. I assume this is a kid will get Hostettered some time this Fall, play for the Phantoms for a bit eventually, and in the end be included as a throw-in in a trade in 2012.

Lastly we have the interesting case of Ryan O'Connor. He's an 18 year old who went undrafted after putting up 38 points for the Barrie Colts and Saginaw Spirit last season. He considers himself an offensive defenseman but his numbers don't really support his conclusion, as far as I can tell. But someone must see something in him because he was tapped to play for the Canada U-18 team last Spring. You know who was an offensive defenseman in juniors? Danny Syvret. He put up 69 points in 62 games the year he was drafted and we all know how that worked out.

The truth is that I don't know anything about these players. One of them could very well be the next Mike Bullard or Gary Galley. But it's more likely that they're the Brian McGuirks and David Sloanes of tomorrow. If they make it to tomorrow. Because Zac Rinaldo is going to eat all their hockey equipment and then defile them in order to make the Phantoms. Hope they're ready for that.