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Flyers Gameday: Insert Pittsburgh joke here | January

"No one on the corner has swagger like us."

I saw something last night. No, it wasn't that terribly awkward Coatsey's Corner where Boosh and Coatsey tried to win an Oscar. No, it wasn't those insanely gross Wawa breakfast sandwich commercials where the egg looked like yellow brains....although let's be serious, we're all going to crush a classic sausage/egg/cheese in the near future. And no, it wasn't Braydon Coburn's attractive girlfriend who was in the booth with JJ and Jonsey during the second period - I commend any girl who wants to mate with a half man/half vulture. No, the thing I saw last night, was a team with its swagger back.

You know how in all the best movies from the 80s/early 90s, there is an awesome montage? Usually set to a face-melting song, such as "You're the Best Around?" The montage is when the movie's plot suddenly changes for the better. At the beginning of a montage, the protagonist doesn't get it, he or she is frustrated, a loser, down on their luck. Nothing is going right for them. Then, with practice, determination, spirit and a wise Asian janitor at their side, they start getting it. The workouts become fun, the mind becomes focused, and the Asian janitor becomes the best father figure a little guido from Jersey ever had. After the montage is finished, the protagonist has to use everything he or she learned in the last awesomly-choreographed 4 minutes of the movie to defeat their antagonist. The entity that they fear most. It's just as much mind over matter at this point. They'll be trying to sweep the leg, but as the montage proved, you can't beat something after it's worked so hard to get to this point.

This is what's happening to the Flyers. They are montage-ing the fuck out of shit right now. The were at the bottom of the bottom. Hope seemed lost. Hell, a few of them even started playing their musical instruments like they were on the deck of the Titantic and weren't going to leave their other band mates behind as the ship sank. Then, it was montage time. The guys went on the road, bonded and starting realizing their true potential. Last night's game against the Leafs showed me that the team is coming together. Guys were fighting for other guys, having fun, talking more, playing chippy, Philly-style hockey. 5-1-1 over 7 feels good, but now it's Antagonist time. Those Penguins are at the school dance, all dressed up like really ghey skeletons, and they want to fuck us up. If it felt good to see the beatdown of Toronto then it'll be even better to manhandle those powder blue puffballs tonight in Pittsburgh.

There is a fine line to how these Flyers can play dominant hockey. You witnessed it last night, as the physicality of that game brought out the best in every forward. But as easy as it is to get into a game like that, how quickly it can turn to shit. After a couple of fights and scrums, the Leafs had the momentum, which I believe was because the Flyers were
too amped up. It'll be imperative to keep everyone in check tonight. And if you're going to the box, take someone with you. It won't be easy to keep the buzz going from last night as the Penguins are the herpes-on-the-lip to the Flyers yearbook photo.

Pittsburgh has been struggling itself, except for a drubbing of the Thrashers on Tuesday. They had before that lost 5 in a row and their power play dried up like Bob Errey's wife's vagina. We know what we're getting with the Penguins. They are uber-studs in Crosby, Geno and Staal. They have a great goalie. Are they a better team? Probably. Are they going to win tonight? Nope. These battles are always classic, and the Flyers are due for a victory. The Pens are 3-0 against us this year, and a win in their barn tonight could really set up a great run for the next two weeks. In my gameday post yesterday I wanted to see the fire and guts of this Flyers team. In today's post, I want to see how they can use their play as of late, their montage if you will, against their main antagonist. The team they should all hate. Stick up for each other and keep the offense going, and the Pens will have their hands full all night. If there was ever a night for a Chris Pronger Elbow-of-Doom®, it would be tonight. If there was ever a night for Mike Richards to dominate, it would be tonight. If there was ever a night for JVR to play like he did the night before, it would be tonight. The emotion and energy has been there for the past 7 games, and I think it'll continue tonight. Getting points is what matters now, and getting them against the holier-than-thou Penguins is even more important. They're ahead of us in the standings. That's all that matters now.

Four point swings from here on out. We owe the Pens, and something tells me we pay them back tonight. Birddog is getting a goal tonight, count it. Let's Go Flyers.