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Mike Richards Owns Some Hardware | January
More to come later today on Pyorala, Bodrov, and Krajicek (including whether or not you think he'll be a Flyers on April 1), as I get reacquainted to being a human, but I was looking at some sites last night and found myself stumbling across a lot of pictures that all had something very similar in them:
The J. Robertson Ross Cup - OHL Champion

The Memorial Cup - The CHL Champion

The World Junior Championship Trophy (Accompanied by a Gold Medal)

The Calder Cup - AHL Championship

So it'd be fair to say that Mike Richards has won a couple trophies in his ascent to captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. And before he even gets a crack at a Stanley Cup again he might already by an Olympic gold medalist. So basically when you read in interviews and hear on tv that the guy is a born winner, well, it looks like that might be true. So recognize.