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People Are Voting for Briere? Really? | November

As of last Tuesday over 52,000 ballots had been cast by people that believe Daniel Briere should be a member of Team Klatt or Team Podein at this January's NHL All-Star Game?


When selecting your three forwards you passed over names like Stamkos, Sedin, Kane, Statsny, and Sharp to put Daniel Briere on your ballot?


A player who get's paid $0 a year for defense and $7M a year to get points but isn't in the top 50 in the league deserves, in your mind, to go to the All Star Game. Because he plays for the Flyers.


I'm as big a homer as they come. I can't watch a Flyers game objectively. I've tried and it just doesn't work. When the Flyers are on it's not even like I'm watching a hockey game, it's like I'm watch my grandfather wrestle a crocodile and all I'm doing is rooting, praying, and pooping for him to win. When I catch a random game on Versus I enjoy the sport, the passes, the freshly cut ice. When the Flyers are on I'm willing goals and saves and basically terrified we're going to get scored on at any moment - even between periods.

But someone please tell me why you would go and vote for Danny Briere to be in the All Star Game. He doesn't deserve it. Not as much even as 3 or 4 other forwards on his own team, much less the across the incredible pool of talent and 2010 success that spans the NHL.

I like Briere and this year he's been performing better than in years past. If we were voting for playoff All Stars from last spring I'd be right there with you. But why would you vote for Danny Briere when you could be writing in Giroux or Leino, voting for Richards, or supporting the far-fetched hopes of the 11 Million Dollar Man? If you have to go the party line, I don't even know why you'd waste a vote on Briere when there are other Flyers forwards who are more deserving that should get your vote each and every time. Unless you were too lazy to click the add button. That, I get.

As for me, despite my humorous picture above, I've always tried to vote for the most exciting players available with a hint of homerism and disdain for the Penguins. Here's what I went with:

Stamkos - Richards - Giroux
Liles - Jack Johnson

*Since the Flyers played the Canadiens I've managed to see some non-biased games. The guy is just hogging the net. So confident that he's blocking the entire goal before the shooter even gets the puck.