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I Saw Something Last Night That Worried Me | October
For the record, that is the "hit" Andreas Lilja delivered on Claude Giroux that created the turnover that led to the Getzlaf goal with less than 2 minutes left to go in the game.

But that's not what worries me.

In professional sports there's a lot talk about coming together as a team and blah, blah, blah you've heard it all before. Sometimes I believe it's important and sometimes I think just playing a system and shooting the puck into the net is the only thing that matters regardless of whether or not everyone's been through a ropes course together. But last night I saw something I didn't like in the least, and you shouldn't like it either, regardless of how much you buy into the Under Armor this-is-our-house concept of a team of 20 men needing to come together as a single organism.

With about 7 minutes to go in the third period there was an inconsequential shot on net that Ben Stiller or whoever the Ducks back up goalie was saved and covered. The whistle blew and the only Flyer who on was going to the net happened to also be the weakest one on the ice at the time - Nik Zherdev. Some Anaheim d-man in the vicinity roughed Zherdev up, knocked of his helmet off, and threw him to the ice behind the net. In comes Mike Richards. Well, into the screen comes Mike Richards and out he goes. Just swooping by. The captain of the team just curled by as now 2 Ducks d-men are standing over our prone Russian sniper. But wait, ok good, here comes Jeff Carter. But….nope, nope he's not getting in there either. He's about 8 feet away looking. Wonderful, and that's why he wears the A I suppose.

There are some things you're taught at a very young age in hockey, the most important being that you stick up for your teammates. You don't need to fight every time someone touches a guy wearing the same color sweater, but if you see one of your teammates, even if it's Sean Avery, being wronged, you get in there and at least say something.

What I saw last night was a less glaring example of the problem that has plagued the Rangers for years, and was brought to light last season when Dan Girardi didn't earn a 3rd Man In during the Gaborik-Carcillo fight.

I don't care what the score is, I don't care what time of the game it is. Out in the real world the right thing to do if you saw someone weaker than you getting picked on would be to interject or at least seek out some help. But if in between the clearly drawn lines of a sport where you know no one is going to shank you, your teammate on the hockey rink is getting pushed around and he's a 'fragile Russian' and you're the tough Canadian captain, you get in there an stick someone in the dick.