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Laviolette Way OFFSides (2010) in Criticism of Players | October
What is:

“It’s completely frustrating. We got exactly what we deserved tonight. You don’t show up to compete, you don’t execute, you don’t play the game with energy and emotion, you’re going to lose all the time.”

I'm sorry, Peter, but that is incorrect. Joel, Lindy? No? The answer was:

"You're special, go do whatever you want."

I understand that watching the Flyers play last night was, indeed, frustrating. But the key to great coaching is knowing how to get through to your players, and the most important aspect of any form of communication is knowing your audience. Which is why it might serve Peter well to check out some materials on Millennials.

Millennials, depending on who you talk to, are anyone born in the 80's. We are a special breed and have proven to be extremely difficult to classify. We differ so blatantly from the Baby Boomers, Hippies, and Gen X-ers that came before us that sociologists, marketing execs, hell, the government, have all had trouble lumping us into one demographic.

A couple things they're sure about are:
- we were coddled waaaaaaay too much as children
- we give away information our parents shred
- we are easily distracted
- we don't know or care what cell phone minutes are
- we have almost zero brand loyalty
- the concept of CASH BACK rebates(!) is as foreign to us as clipping coupons
- we were told we could be anything we wanted to be so we never focused on anything in particular
- we're either very lazy or very astute as to when something actually matters
- could be a case of the chicken and the egg, but this technological boom fits our needs/wants perfectly

And that's why when Peter Laviolette is coaching up to 14 of us on any single night, he's got to understand that we need to be told everything's alright, not blamed for anything.

I contacted some of the leading thinkers in the study of our generation and they came together (on Skype) and wrote this post-game speech for last night's loss. Peter, feel free to use this tonight, if necessary.

"Well, what the hell was that. That was….well, just very unfair to all you guys. What was that other team doing? Going out there and playing hard and taking the puck from you? Listen, you're all individuals. You all do things your own unique, funky way. And I love that about you. If something's too hard it's probably not worth doing, and I like seeing you guys out there playing smart. If you're probably not going to get to the puck why even try, right? If it's meant to be it will eventually get to you. What's important is that you maintain your integrity out there. Your parents worked on farms, in factories, in mills their entire lives so you could bust your ass and not even get a goal out of it? I don't think so. They worked hard so you could be comfortable. And I wouldn’t be comfortable either with some guys cross checking me in the back in front of the net. So don't go there if you don't want to. And also don't let anyone stifle you're creativity. You could have been a Rembrandt if you had wanted to, I know you could have but you just didn't want to and that's beautiful because you 'weren't feeling art' back when you were in school. But I saw art out there tonight many times in the form of those drops passes at the blueline - keep it up. The world owes you. You're made in the image of God. So everything you do he basically would do. From drop passes to stick work. What he wouldn't do is take a hooking penalty, but that ref is like 50 and doesn't know shit. Old fuck. So just keep up the hard work. Or not hard work. Really, whatever you're into."

Millennials need to be reminded from time to time that all good things come to those who wait, not those who work hard. So if you show up to the rink and put your pads on, remember you're special and deserve good things, something will eventually come your way.

So Peter, instead of railing against more than half your team's right to work as hard as they want, maybe just be thankful they didn't call out sick. Because they totally could have, and if your old ass keeps pushing it you're going to be playing a game with 6 guys on Friday.