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Still Time for Holmgren to Right His Wrong | October
At some point this season we'll fairly assess Ian Laperriere's meaning to the team, our season last year, and the game itself, but I'm not feeling very sentimental at the moment, so I find myself more concerned with the open roster spot his season/career ending injury leaves us with.

There's no way to prove Paul Holmgren made the wrong decision letting Bill Guerin out of is Professional Tryout, but I have the lingering suspicion that he has. I should clarify that - I used to think he was making the wrong decision and now every day that passes I know he is. And, for me, the whole Guerin thing comes down to Daniel Carcillo.

I get a kick out of watching Carcillo wheel around the ice all crazy like his shin pads are about to fall off, but he's not a first line player. On any team. In the NHL. And with the talent we can put in two out of three spots on our third line, he's not a third line player either. He doesn't have a reserve of skill buried deep in his bowels that gritty wingers like Keith Jones and Brent Fedyk were able to conjure for career years when placed on a line with star players on Flyers teams of the past. Remember what success we had last season when for a time our fourth line was Carcillo - Betts - Laperriere? They were a real, responsible line that could take 8 minutes a night. Shit, the line had two of our best defensive forwards on it. And now that Darroll Powe is quite obviously the new Ian Laperriere we should reunite that line, even if it means throwing Shelley in the press box.

You know who could have a late-career year with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter on his line? Mike Knuble. But he's not available so we'll have to take the similarly inclined Bill Guerin.

The Flyers are putting a forward unit out there that I'd expect to see if a top 9 forward got hurt. The cash cleared up by moving Lappy to LTIR, Oskars back to the Phantoms until we actually need him, and traveling back in time and not signing Jody Shelley frees up 4 times as much money as we'd need to take a shot on Guerin. And for a General Manager who's dipped into the KHL two seasons in a row, and makes a living building our minor league affiliate out of undrafted players, you'd think he'd be willing to add such an incredible locker room presence to the roster at what surely now would be a bargain basement price.