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On a Number of Things, Knowledge | April


Richards Elbow
Is there a 2 minute elbowing penalty still in the rule book? If I had to guess I'd say that 95% of elbowing penalties are elbows to the head, and about 1% of those are accidental so…was this just a case of a Tekken or Street Fighter level elbow? As far as a suspension, even given what's become very popular to call unpredictable in the NHL, I'd be very, very surprised.

I'm feeding it right now but won't be after I type this, and hope you got it out of your system last night. The guy is like a feral unicorn. And you know what it eats? Attention. If you want it to stop then it's up to you - stop feeding it. The sum of the parts makes the whole and talking about the guy just makes you angrier. To tell the truth, neither accomplishes anything anyway, so play it cool and let it go.

Tweet Disagreements
We're all arguing the same thing about guys in different color jerseys at different times. Anyone who says they aren't is full of shit. Even if you truly cared about all 30 NHL teams evenly, after watching a period you'd be pre-disposed to like some guys and not others. State your point and let people poke holes in it but again, you take that negative energy with you when you start to get into it with someone (low five Buddha). I was thinking about this on my way to work this morning. There were a number of people in my way at various times and I had fantasies of tripping at least one very clearly. I almost thought I did it that time, the fantasy was that vivid. Then 20 minutes later I was walking into my building in a kind of pissy mood and I can't even differentiate this morning's commute from Monday, Tuesday's, or Wednesdays. But I was already not in a great mood. Over nothing memorable.

By the way, of course Buddha only low fives. Duh.

Being tied 2-2 with the Sabres
You might have to reread this but…the team that wins will win. Take comfort in that. The team that should win the first round of the 2011 series between the teams will, and you'll look back and be able to say "oh definitely, look, they scored more goals than the other team in 4 of the games." You can't do shit about it. You can't sit in your lucky seat or wear your lucky shirt to help. It's all physics, smarts, and effort - none of it yours.

I think we're giving him a bit too much credit. I mean the guy… I totally just got you right there. I fucking love Boosh. He's the fucking man. WOONSOCKET HOOOOOOOO!

In a transition play that never leaves the zone like that half of the wingers in the NHL are going to make it down to that back post on the goal and half aren't. It wasn't a fast break, and with the puck more or less set up in the zone a winger will habitually settle into the area of ice he's responsible for. Otherwise everyone starts running around. It's called a system.

Buffalo's Music
#SABRETUNES are a bad idea. Venga Bus, Run Around Sue, Return of the Mack, This is How We Do It, Every Time We Touch, Close, Cotton-eyed Joe, Creep, Waterfalls, Where Have All the Cowboys Gone, Isn't It Ironic. Some organizer needs to put together a festival of bands that were popular in the late '90's and tour Buffalo all summer. Sell outs every night.