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Sens Announcers Almost Adopt Flyers, Turn Leave Pet Store | April


"Lack of effort, I think, or cohesiveness, or maybe chemistry right now for the Flyers, just a week away from the beginning of the playoffs. They've got two games left to try and find their stride Friday against Buffalo and then Saturday at home against the Islanders, because if what we're seeing tonight is any indication, if this is all they can muster, they're not going to last very long in Round 1 no matter who they play. This is not the Flyer team we saw in the beginning of the year. Not even close."

That's what the Senators broadcasting duo had to say after the Sens iced the game with an empty netter last night. A Sens team with 7 guys who are eligible for the AHL playoffs. During most of the third the broadcasters just sounded like they felt bad for the Flyers, and from what I saw on the old DVR when I got home from work, so did I.

The two guys in the Ottawa broadcasting booth eventually took it a little too far and pointed back to a Flyers 4-1 loss to the Senators on February 26th as the reason the entire season turned around (which it hasn't), but for most of the period they sounded spot on. I was like "yeah, you dudes understand me. Let's do it!"

Anyone's inability to dump the puck in and not have it swatted out of the air.

The entire shifts in the defensive zone.

The late pinches.

The penalties.

The bounces just not seeming to go our way.

I'm on board for the playoffs but crikey, what was that? When Ville Leino passed the puck back to absolutely no one in our own zone I felt like I was watching a terrified team.

Dudes on the bench don't even have that frustrated look like they did against the Bruins last spring. They long like Cell Block D bottom bunk vets - just get it over with baby. They just look despondent, or not there. I hope a couple guys getting back into the lineup or some facial hair or and ORANGE CRUSHHHHHH can wipe all this nonsense way, because we're looking at one of two stories here:

1. The team that peaked before the All Star break, like Dennis Reynolds, and never quite recovered although they showed glimpses of the talent and grit that got them to the top of the NHL in the regular season losses in the playoffs.


2. The team that won the Stanley Cup.