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20 Years Ago: Canada Beats the US for the Canada Cup (which makes sense) | August

A couple questions I need some answers on in the following clip of Canada winning the 1991 Canada Cup:

1. Are the players and the fans more excited about this than they were about winning the Vancouver Olympics?

2. Why does everyone keep tugging on Bill Ranford's mullet?

3. How hot is Rick Tocchet. (more a fact than a question)

4. Why did hockey ever have to leave this age?

5. Who the hell is #39 Wolanin on Team USA?

6. Why is Gretzky in a suit?

7. Why can Paul Coffey say "fucking right" on national tv? (fucking Canada)

8. Who is that 18 year-old at the 4 min mark?

9. Who is Kevin Miller? How did the US not loose 55-2 to this Canada team?


11. I don't think you can drink out of that thing: