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Flyers Bring in Versteeg, Lose Nothing | February

Looks like this is it then.

I love this move, not because I think it's incredibly savvy or a slick deal or am sure it will help the Flyers win the Cup, but because draft picks are pretty much worthless and we just got a right-now-good player for who knows what. That's the best.

Versteeg himself was a 5th round pick. And once he became good he apparently became worth a 1st and a 3rd. Who gives a shit. The Flyers aren't planning on being in a position where their 1st overall will fall early in the first round any time soon, so ....

You build up and then you acquire. We did our drafting and got some current Flyers (our core), and some that helped us bring in Pronger, bring in Mesz, bring in Hartnell, Leino, Kimmo, Carle - all of it's related. When you give up picks you still acquire an asset. One that will still be an asset in the future.

And if there's an eventual descent that follows this ascension? You get a Sidney Crosby or JVR. NBD.

I like the Phantoms but don't care if they ever win another game. Maybe Brendan Ranford turns into a 7th round gem. That'd be great.

Bringing in a stud player when you're one of the best teams in the league? I've never been in this position and it feels great. What will he look like in his Flyers jersey? When will he score his first goal? Where will he live? When will he wow me? Who will be play with? What number will he wear?

This is the adrenaline shot that I needed in a season where constant success has lulled me into a "when do the playoffs start already" mentality.

Fucking right.

They should trade 4 more first rounders for Evander Kane or Michael Grabner. Shit, I'll buy enough Flyers 2011 Stanley Cup Championship sweatshirts to last me until I die. (2099, btw)