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A Little Perspective | January

The Flyers only need to win 16 out of their 41 remaining games to top last season's point total.

Although I don't agree with every move the Flyers have made in the front office or from the bench, there's no denying that this might be the year that we really take a run at the Cup from a top seeded position. Like we're entering the playoffs and everyone's like "I really like the Flyers to take the prize!" 

It's pretty amazing to think about when you see a team like the Devils and remember it wasn't so long ago that we were in their position, and everyone in the organization should be commended on a great first half. I know it's taboo to be proud of anything but a championship, and you might as well never have been born if you don't have that ring, but great job everyone.

Half way through the season with the 3rd most points in the NHL. No goalie controversies (except who will not be playing), handling the adversity of losing one of the team's top players and leaders for 6 weeks smoothly (7-3 in last ten), beating teams they should and even teams that historically they haven't.

And then one errant pass at 7:38 last night and all the eyes in the city have turned to the team that dons Orange and Black. All those people might just be in for a treat.