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After Recount, NHL Awards Flyers Victory over Bruins | January

"First it was back and forth, and then it was forth and back, you try keeping track of that."

Those were head referee Chris Lee's sentiments after last night's, dare I say, yeah I'll say it, wacky (!) hockey match between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins. As it turns out, lost in all the commotion was that two of the goals that were credited to the Bruins should have gone to the Flyers, meaning that Little Greg Jr., aka Campbell Starship, never would have gotten a chance to get his second empty netter of the year with only a few seconds left in the game.

"I think the Reechi goal was one of them….and I'm not clear on the other, but there was another one for sure. Maybe the Chara?" said not head referee Brad Watson. "Hey no one's perfect. Not even robots, although they are very close. So until they come out with robots modeled like Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man we're just going to have to learn to live with the occasional mistake."

Had things remained as they were and the constituents of Camden County had not called for a recount, the Flyers would have toughed out Chris Pronger's absence with a 6-4 record, which is not terrible, having given up 23 goals in those 4 losses, which is terrible. Actually, that's pretty shitty. Overall during the stretch, they gave up 35 goals in the 10 games Pronger missed, a GAAPG that's not very good in and of itself, and then factor in that two of the games were against the Devils.

But last I read, which could be wrong because I think it was only on a fleeting tweet I saw while waiting for someone at a bar, Chris Pronger is ready to come back tonight and jam his newly healed size 15 right up All-Star Dustin Byfuglien's #2 hole. Hopefully Pronger will calm our defense down and return us to the pinnacle of defense mountain, while at the same time ensuring that I don't have to see Matt Walker play another game.

Quick question in parting - does every Bruin look like his face was molded out of a shield or shovel or something? Looks like a collection of Jay Leno's illegitimate children out there in black and gold. Just sayin'.