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Jody Shelley: The Pilgrim | January

I was poking around the taint of the internet and came across something amusing.

Flyers' assistant coach Craig Berube's last NHL fight was a doozy. A fierce toe-to-toe battle with a young up-and-comer.

A young up-and-comer named Jody Shelley.

Let me take you back to the opening faceoff of a game between the Calgary Flames and Columbus Blue Jackets on March 8th, 2003. The 4th lines are starting the game. Sophomore Jody Shelley is lined up next to Super Senior Craig Berube. The new school next to the old. Fisticuffs ensue: 


That was it for the Chief. The night he hung up the head dress.

He'd latch on with the Phantoms the following season, but the Chief's mitts would never hit the NHL ice again.