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Stay Cool, Daniel Carcillo | July

Tip to all you kids out there: don't get traded to Philadelphia for a sexual looking man. Difficult odds to overcome, they are.

Just before the trade deadline in 2009, Flyers general manager P Diddy Holmgren made a bold move in which he traded a guy with 21 points for a guy with 10 points over the matter of saving $400k. Needless to say, new Flyer Daniel Carcillo came into Philadelphia amid a frenzy of controversy.

The point was made then, and would be made over the next two seasons, that Carcillo brought a toughness that Upshall lacked, while also being able to chip in on the score sheet (in just about every box).

Toughness - something that will always win over the fans in Philadelphia. Even the fans who are too tough to admit it.

But in the 2009 playoffs Daniel Carcillo's tough bone got the best of him, and in an elimination game he fought new Flyer Max Talbot when the good guys were up 3-0. Needless to say Daniel Carcillo single-handedly ended the game and the Flyers playoff chances that year, or so idiots would have you believe.

During the 2009-10 campaign Carcillo actually had a good season. 12 goals, 10 assists, and a decent amount of crazy. When he scored an OT winner in the first round of the playoffs we thought that, if this were something he could build on, if this was a sign of momentum, Carcillo could be a Flyer for a while to come.

But in 2010-11 all that ended. And I'm not just saying that because of his battle to stay in the lineup or his paltry 6 points and his horrid -14, I'm saying that because of his diving. We always knew that the fellow known as CarBomb's head was only attached to his body by the flimsiest of strings, but this past season that string broke. All too often in a post-whistle scrum or even during play, Carcillo too closely resembled Nearly Headless Nick as the Philly crowd wondered if this was the shove to the chest that made Chico's mustachioed bowling ball topple to the ice.

Not to overshadow more than 150 games and some decent play with one flaw, but I won't be missing Carcillo in the Flyers lineup this year. He wasn't the Dark Knight I had hoped for, displaying little of the crazy that got him suspended in Phoenix and almost none of the Krys Barch, Derick Dorsett, or Rick Rypien that made him a household name for the NHL fan.

My favorite moment of his Flyer career wasn't even a big deal - it was the one time that CarBomb harkened back to the old time hockey that Broad Street is infamous for. Only minutes after being released from the box after an OK fight with Sabres captain Craig Rivet, off of a faceoff in the defensive zone, Carcillo's gloves hit the ice the same time as the puck and he was out fighting Rivet for a second time before I could rise from my seat.

That's what I always wanted from him. The crazy warrior shit. The bloodlust, the vengeful spite. Every time he fought someone I wanted him to go right back after them. Every time someone got cheap-shotted I wanted Carcillo to leave the bench or press box and one punch the aggressor. I wanted less talk between the benches, less feeling like I had to be a Carcillo fan just because of the jersey he wore, and more killing.

In the end I probably expected too much of the guy. He was our wildcard and I wanted to play it every hand.

Just like every Flyer now in the Western Conference I wish him luck. I hope he makes Holmgren look stupid for signing Jody Shelley (done) while letting a 15 goal, 25 point mini-enforcer with a couple knockouts under his championship belt walk for peanuts.