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The Philadelphia Penking Avangard Flyer Jackets | July

Forgive me this transgression, I'm not guessing at line combinations, just trying to figure out who is on this hockey team:

Voracek - Giroux - van Riemsdyk
Hartnell - Briere - Jagr
Simmonds - Schenn - Talbot
Nodl - Betts - Shelley

Other: Couturier, Holmstrom, Wellwood, Read, Sestito, Testwuide

Pronger - Carle
Timonen - Coburn
Meszaros - Lilja

Other: Gustafson, Bartulis (RIP)


Ok, give me a second...

Alright. Let's start easy. Nothing much has changed on the back end except we've switched out Sean O'Donnell and doubled up on our Andreases. The new one has a history of serious concussion problems, but if healthy might be an upgrade over ole #6. Fine. Good even. Especially with Gustafson possibly ready on his own.

We also brought in a proven free agent goalie for the long haul - makes sense.

Now up front only 6 of our 12 forwards who started Game 4 against the Bruins are still in Philadelphia. One of them is Jody Shelley. One of the replacements is Jaromir Jagr.

And this is where I repeatedly get stuck. Even in conversation. Even in beer-fueled conversation. I have no idea what I think about this. If I opened up a pack of hockey cards and got our new crop of forwards I'd think it was a pretty good set. But it's all relative to the prime cards I had to give up to get this new pack. I just have no fucking idea what this team is going to do. I don't know if we betrayed people to get it. I don't know how the same people that created a team only to later blow it up get to keep their jobs when the blow up in and of itself is an admission of their previous mistakes and a failed effort 6 years in the making. If a team goes so far off course that such drastic measures are required doesn't accountability usually lie with the person who built the team?

I don't know. After last week's trades and this weekend's signings - Jagr in particular - I don't know what to think except that we're trying to rebuild our team by starting with a Cup win...?