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Finally, on Ilya Bryzgalov | June


Yes of course you do everything you can to sign him. Move a big contract, move a number of small contracts, don't sign Darroll Powe. Whatever it takes.

Why? So everyone will shut the fuck up. That's why.

"For the last 20 seasons the Flyers goaltending situation has been"….oh what's that national news outlet? Oh what's that opposition announcers? Yeah, nothing. Shut the shit up. We have a top 10 goalie, what are you going to talk about now? Probably just sit there in silence like a dummy, dummy.

I don't care that he's Russian, or doesn't get along with the media, or loves wagons or that he might be a bad influence on Bob (who you obviously keep even if he only plays 15 games because he's like, 17 and super flexible). You know who was a really great influence on Bob? Boosh. You know how many Cups that got us?

I don't care if Bryzgalov gets Bob into Wicca as long as we give up less than 180 goals this coming season. They can open their own private discotheque just for themselves and drink 5 O'clock while listening to The Rolling Stones all night if they want. 180 goals. Just get between those pipes and make me say 'wow', and not in the way that I've become accustomed to like 'wow they could have driven a Sea-Doo through your legs on that one.'

And I suppose that's the bottom line. He's really good and it's kind of an important position. The Phillies know what I'm talking about with the 4 headed hydra they got going on the mound. Now let's have the Flyers step up. If it means Danny Syvret and Eric Gustafson have to be our third D pairing then so be it. If it means that we're rolling 3 lines a night because our 4th line is made up of Blair Betts and two Pepsi vending machines that's fine. It's about time for some youngster to step up and surprise us anyway.

And for those of you that think it's going to cost too much or he's not even that good, let me ask you this - you've got a stupid head.