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Flyers Blog Calls Press Conference | June

Just wanted to make you all aware so you could plan accordingly, make travel arrangements, let your families know: we have entered the final 365 days of Flyers Goal Scored By…

How appropriate on National Nicklas Lidstrom Day.

In our 5th and final season I hope to get back to the underlying energy (a line and a red eye please?) that made our blogspot site funny enough to actually go back and read from time to time. We might just suck again, we'll see.

Most of all we hope to go out like the dude at Stanley Cup of Chowdah.

You might want to, like, take a picture of yourself every morning for the next year so you can see how time has passed. Or at least show your grand children what it was like in the final days of FGSB, something that will be covered in history text books in the future. Maybe keep a diary with a little lock. Maybe start a Flyers blog of your own. Maybe contribute to ours.

The goal: Arrested Development meets The Office (British) meets Jimmy Kimmel Live meets Party Down meets Cedric the Entertainer meets Darren Pang meets John McEnroe at 25 meets Unicorn Sleepover meets McSweenys meets The Whitest Kids You Know's Sex Robot sketch meets RV the movie meets Your Hand in Mine meets Bobby Fischer meets Between Two Ferns meets beer meets Jurassic Park 3 meets the Price is Right (Bob Barker) meets a small county fair that's only in town for the weekend.

"1 more year! 1 more year! 1 more year!" no one chants.

Let's fuck this shit up with some absurdist whimsy.

For no reason at all, hits per day by year:

2007-08 season: 104
2008-09 season: 283
2009-10 season: 683
2010-11 season: 666

So now you know where we, and you, stand.