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Proof of What You Always Knew: Darroll Powe Kicks Butt | June

Darroll Powe rawks on the ice and now there's definitive proof that he also does off of it.

Powe is auctioning off his Stanley Cup Finals jersey (crap I'm just realizing that's not a Stanley Cup crest, eh) which has been signed by the entire 2009-10 Flyers team (including Jaroslav Modry!!!!) to benefit the great Hockey Players for Kids.

Hockey Players for Kids (HP4K) is an all-volunteer organization, harnessing the leadership and enthusiasm of exceptional people playing professional hockey in communities throughout North America and positively impacting the lives of children.

The auction is on eBay and can be found be clicking this link.

Now's the time to decide, do you hate kids or do you like them.

(Also Darroll, we were kidding when we said that if you were the cost of Nabonkov or whoever we're trying sign in net it was worth it. We know you check in 4-5 times a day so we were having a little fun with you.)