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Still Not Over Mike Richards | June


I would not be surprised if this post is made into a Taylor Swift song at some point down the road. The country road.

Last night on ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball one of the announcers, although he admitted it was way too early to be doing so, went ahead and did it anyway. He informed the audience that although it's still June, we might be watching a preview of the 2011 World Series.

Which made me think about how much I like baseball in the Fall.

Which made me think about how the Flyers season would be starting about that time.

Which made me picture Mike Richards taking the opening face off on opening night.


I'm still not used to this new reality. I had already pictured Mike Richards behind the scenes on HBO 24/7. I had already pictured Richie being interviewed dozens of times out on the open ice at CBP.

The worst part is that I would have bet you a full year's tuition at The University of Phoenix Online ($49.99) that Mike Richards would hoist the Stanley Cup over his head as the Captain of The Philadelphia Flyers up until this time last week.

I watched the rest of the Phillies game looking at the people of Philadelphia wave at the camera behind the batter, freak with the Phanatic, and celebrate RAAAAUUUUULLLLL's late game homer. And all I could think is "what have we done?"

If you haven't read this article in the hockey magazine The 4th Period, you need to. Did you know Richards had a dog? No you didn't. Because no one ever asked him in Philly. Because they were too busy asking him who was fucking who, who should be in net, and what his problem with Pronger was. And it's not entirely the press' fault because they're just a reflection of our anything-less-than-a-championship-is-a-failure attitude. Which is ironic seeing that we failed 100 seasons in a row.

It's complete bullshit that Mike Richards was traded for not being able to answer questions to the press' liking and Paul Holmgren happened to bring in Chris Pronger. In the end Richie was traded away because of everyone's else mistakes. And it might be the best thing that ever happened to him.