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Anthony SanFilippo Hits the Nail on the Head | March


This is incredibly stupid, but I'm writing a post lauding an article, not hockey itself.

Fran and I like all the people who cover the beat for the Orange and Black almost as much as we like to have a little fun with them. They're all good guys and gals and they do decent, hard work. And when one of them pulls out his typewriter and hits the nail so fucking hard on the head he deserves some recognition.

Anthony Jamal SanFilippo did exactly that with his article on Mike Richards in yesterday's Daily Times.

Look at that picture up there. What do you all want to hear him say anyway? Who the fuck cares, the box score tells even the most casual fan all they need to know.

And the second he finally gives into the constant barrage on questions that would be more suitable coming from someone lying on a couch in a therapist's office he gets buried. Every time.

I don't give a shit what people are used to with a captain, how you need your fix for quotes. In too many cases over the past 3 years the Philly media, the international hockey media, the Tweeters, the commenters, the bloggers have all pointed fingers at this guy for not being what they want when he should be pointing fingers at all of you because someone just asked him to please identify all the whining little bitches out there.

Let the man do this. Who cares how he feels after a loss: