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Quoteable: Bird dog Danny "X" Richards-Pronger | March

If you sit down and watch one episode of NHL on the Fly Tonight, and actually avoid the urge to fast forward through everything that is not a highlight, you are 100% guaranteed to hear every single quote that the average NHLer has to offer. You'll hear about the big win, the almost caught from behind shootout loss, the disappointing effort, the close loss…you'll hear them all.

Because hockey players never say anything.

It's the same reason I can't stand the coverage on flyers.com. Every time I see someone's name with a little film reel next to it I shut the window before I could mistakenly click on it. Who wants to see these guys stand and talk in front of their equipment with 14 microphones and recorders in their faces? They could at least play those boring-ass interviews over some clips of actual hockey from practice or highlights or pictures of cool youtube clips or something.

It's the same reason that Mike Richards having a single criticism about what the coaches are or were doing and Charlie Sheen are big news - no one ever says anything. Anywhere. It's easier to spot in hockey, and I have watched that Piers Morgan dude, but in this day and age you have to go with stock answers to any questions in the public eye or you'll be crucified. It's the same reason the most interesting a cringe-inducing moments come when an announcer thinks his mic is off or the broadcast is still at a commercial break, these people are not going to let you in because the second they do you shit all over them.

There is not benefit to being candid or honest because everything upsets everyone, offends everyone else, and the people that agree with you silently nod. But disagreements cause wars while like thinking is often not discussed because what's the point, where's the intrigue.

So with that in mind, I've prepared The Bird dog Danny "X" Richards-Pronger's quotes for tomorrow night's game in order to save you some time. As a matter of fact, you can just come back here and read these quotes after every game for the rest of the regular season. You won't be missing much:

The 6-0 win:
"Ya know, we were just working hard out there at both ends of the ice, winning those battles and we got some bounces. It was a great team effort and a big two points but now we have to look forward to our next game."

The 3-2 close win:
"Ya know, like I said, it was a real close game out there and we just stuck together as a team and worked hard. Boosh came up with some big saves for us and we managed to get some key goals out there."

The 5-4 they almost caught us win:
"Ya know, we got that lead and then got a little comfortable out there and they're a good team. Confidence is a big thing in the NHL and when one team starts to get that momentum back, ya know, you just have make sure you play solid D and finish your chances. It's just good to get the two points and move on."

The 4-3 shootout win:
"Yeah, it was a real tough one out there tonight. We need to do a better job of staying out of the box for sure, but we kept it close and pulled out a big two points there at the end. Now we have to look forward to the next game."

The 3-4 shootout loss:
"Ya know, Boosh played a great game for us tonight, but we didn't play a full 60 minutes out there. It would have been nice to get the two points but we need to put tonight behind us and look forward to our next game."

The 1-2 loss:
"For sure, those are the kinds of games you need to win, especially when you're the number one team in the conference. Every team you face for the rest of the season has a target on you and they're all fighting for a playoff spot, so you have to come out hard and win those battles. But we let them hang in there and they're a good team and they made us pay."

The 0-6 loss:
"We just didn't come out and compete tonight. They got a couple bounces and then we just fell behind and they out-worked us, plain and simple. They're a good team but we stopped playing for sure. We just need to put tonight behind us and focus on our next game and make sure we win those battles out there."