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Somewhere along the way a lot of us stopped having fun with the Flyers, and I'm as guilty as anyone.

At some point after the lock out and after our humbling last place season we got a little too righteous.

Remember what it was like to have no hockey? Remember what it was like to lose 2 of every 3 games for 6 months?

Because of a miracle playoff run and the first half of a season that proved that the miracle wasn't a fluke we got our hopes up, and we invested a bit too much in a team that ultimately lost.

"Aw shucks" for a loss turned into "I can't believe they did this to me."

There's more vitriol in the goalie debates, the captaincy debates, the personnel debates, and I think the internet has had a huge effect on that. It's a forum for cannibalizing anger. It's the ultimate place to tell the ownership that they're wrong, the management that they fucked up, the players that they're spoiled, the writers that they're idiots, other fans how they suck. It's all so loud. Everyone's talking over each other, all saying different versions of the same thing, debating semantics.

Sports no longer take up the 3 hours a game takes and the 3 minutes to read the article in the next day's paper. They are life-consuming. They're in your pocket, on your tv, at your desk and waiting behind your email at your job.

How would your life have changed if the Flyers won the Cup this year? It wouldn't have. You'd forever be dominant in the ether, or at least until another unreasonable amount of time passed between championships. You'd have an ace up your sleeve that you'd probably never use. But it would still be raining outside and you'd either have an umbrella or you wouldn't.

What if we did this, what if we let the people that know the most about the situation do their best and we just came back and supported whoever the Flyers were this coming Fall? What if we didn't make lists of the best 5 goalies available for the Flyers, what if we didn't guess how just about every player in the league could benefit the team? What if we all stopped pretending to be Nostradamus or Knute Rockne and just went back to watching?

You know how everyone is pretty much in agreement that the ascent of multiple all-day news channels on tv results in a lot of things being reported on that didn't used to fit the bill? Well, as lack of content becomes an issue this summer random content will be made up. Situations will be imagined, suggestions will be made and reviews will be abundant. In the end, none of the conjecture will matter. So why don't we just skip all that shit and when the puck drops next October hope that the Flyers are the first ones to put it in the net?