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Piss On Eddie Shore! | May


We have given the Bruins a 20 second head start on The Eliminator.

We are an unprepared Rabbit at the Rap Olympics.

We've been knocked down twice against Don Flamenco.

The best analogy, or metaphor actually, for the current state of the series to this point, was actually a single play in last night's game - Johnny Boychuk steam-rolling Braydon Coburn and Scott Hartnell's subsequent slashing penalty. As usual, Hartnell's heart was in the right place, but it was unnecessary and undisciplined. The whole play was a mess, just like the Flyers behind their own blue line for most of the night.

I'm hoping it was because Boosh was temporarily sidelined with the Boomsocket flu, but when Coburn was put directly into the 4th row by the 225 lbs Boychuk, no one said a thing to warn him. No communication. I think Boosh would have screamed at Coburn to get off the tracks, but what about the other guys on the team? No offside winger saw that coming? Not his partner? That was embarrassing, and it was an epidemic last night for the Flyers.

Last night the Flyers were getting absolutely man-handled, and I can't help but think they might deserve it for the amount of embellishing their forwards are doing up front.

The Bruins are coming at us so hard that they are breaking their own faces on the boards.

And not to be so naïve as to pretend that "hits" end up somewhere on the scoreboard, but the attitude is reflected on it.

Big Mesz has a nice hit on Krejci in the third but…besides that Richie took a big run at Marchand when the Bruins were attempting a short-handed break - and missed. And when our captain's not in it physically he's not in it at all.

3 years ago he implanted Tom Poti into the boards behind the net. 2 years ago he put Malkin through the net. Last year he plowed over Marc-Andre Bergeron right before scoring the most exciting goal I've ever seen. This year he's been around for 9 games, but not there.

Ed Snider decided 40 years ago that we weren't going to be pushed around. Now we've got Versteeg playing games all over the ice, Briere and Carcillo embellishing the shit out of everything and one dangerous hitter out there. Anyone can start a post-whistle scrum. Someone needs to let the Bruins know, and maybe more importantly his teammates know, 'Fuck the Bruins.'

Maybe I don't write this if we converted on any of our 10 decent scoring chances during the last 60 minutes of the game. As it stands, we're down 2-0 and we're also being tossed around the ice. Double stink finger.

Piss on old time hockey!