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Bryzgalov Won't Talk!?!?! | October


Who cares?

I understand why writers are upset about Ilya Bryzgalov not talking to the media - it affects their livelihood. But as a fan, I could care less. As a matter of fact, I could care less if any of the Flyers spoke to any of the media, or each other, or their parents ever again. I'm really much more concerned with the moments when the clock on that giant scoreboard is running. Otherwise, these guys' opinions mean about as much to me as I'm sure mine do to them.

I imagine real writers (I myself am not one) are particularly upset because they've just had 9 years of 50% quoted articles taken away from them. But as someone who really doesn't care to watch any of the interviews on Flyers.tv or read anything but the loose pucks/notes sections of any writer's articles, I don't feel affected.

I'm not trying to take a personal dig at the Flyers writers individually, or the PR person on the website, it's just...mainstream writing has either gone astray or not kept up with the times. It's all too templated. And it's a template full of meaningless quotes. And there's 10 versions of the same story. What other industry does the source produce the product and give it to the masses for free (the price of a cable package and internet service for interviews) and then 10 other companies present that free information in comically similar ways? I know I'm brushing up against the iceberg of an issue that is the business model of modern day media, but come on.

I'm reading a book right now called The Game of Our Lives by Peter Gzowski, in which he's following the 1980-81 Edmonton Oilers on their 6 month odyssey also known as the NHL season. Excluding where Gzowski is recreating a conversation, he uses probably less than a quote a page. He's actually writing. I understand deadlines are tight, people want their information quickly, and the bottom line is the bottom line, but who cares if the fans don't get to hear from Bryzgalov himself after he has a shitty game? Who cares if I don't get to read a quote from Claude Giroux on his 4 point night. Who cares if I can't get Jody Shelley's first hand opinion on a hit from behind?

The answer to those questions isn't surprising - only the writers.

Which is why you're reading about it.