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Eric Lindros, Back Where He Belongs | October

I have to tell you, as a commoner, the New Year's Eve Alumni Game is looking a lot more appetizing to me from both a financial and timing point of view. Not being a season ticket holder in New York or Philly, I had resigned myself to getting on StubHub early, and even if it meant me taking a chubby, I would suck it up. But, with or without Michael Renberg in the lineup, just to see The Big E take the ice in The City of Brotherly Love after 10 freaking years of exile…that might just be too much to pass up at (hopefully) half the price of the Winter Classic's main event.

I think a lot of you might feel the same way.

Even though we only got 3% of the way on our Bring Eric Lindros Back to Philly online petition (because a lot of you are apparently lazy, illiterate donkeys) there were some real nice sentiments expressed by some of the real hockey fans in this city (I'm not bitter at all).
You pretty much said it all:


Click on this link to see the full sized chart.

Some individual comments that struck a chord include:

- Come on E ! Please come back ! You and i hung out a few times with a girl named michelle I have plenty of pics of you me and her ! PLEASE COME BACK

- I love Big E he was the most dominate player when he was healthy and things were good between him and the organization. He was amazing to watch and was the face of Philly sports in the 90's. Love ya Big E hope you come back, we want you back. F*&$ the Bobby Clarke BS.

- Eric Lindros put an average Flyers team on his back and brought them to the cup. He should be praised for his skill and excitement he brought to Philly.

- I was young, & I still remember Eric Lindros as one of my first sports heroes. Bring back Big E!!

- Eric Lindros made me become a hockey player and fan. I was too young to even comprehend that he existed off the ice when he was at his best, and I was too old to care when everything went bad. The Big E is my favorite Flyer in my lifetime.

And so on, and so on….

Needless to say we're ecstatic he's coming back. And we can all only hope that this is the first step towards him being inducted into at least one Hall of Fame.