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Flyers Loss to Jets Kinda Gross | October


I suspect you would like to know what I think about last night's 9-8 loss to the Winnipeg Jets. I suspect that's why you're here.

To me, the loss was…unfulfilling.

Neither Flyers comeback really had me interested as much as I would have thought. Between the second and third period it really settled in that what I was watching was not a hockey game at all, but a true, real life shit show. It was like a poorly written children's book that's difficult to follow because the author thinks he's the M. Night Shyamalan of Roald Dahls.

Part of me thinks Gary Bettman or his corporate enforcer, Brendan Shanahan, should step in and award neither team two points. I've never really known myself to be a snooty hockey fan, but I guess I enjoy a well-played game. Not whatever that was.

And this horse has been beat to death so hard it's come back to life, but I don't really care how great of a guy Jody Shelley is in the locker room. I'm a great guy everywhere and I don't get dick for it. It was a mistake to sign him at all, compounded by the more severe mistake of paying him like one of those high class prostitutes, even further compounded by the contract's length. Obviously giving up 9 goals on 25 shots is not all on him. What is on him is not clearing the puck on a regular old-fashioned breakout when the game was 7-6 Flyers. The next time the puck left the zone it was in the ref's hand and the scoreboard read 7-7.

All those wasted high-fives from Ed Snider. He probably won't wake up until noon today, having expended all that energy. And for nothing.

So the Flyers have lost 4 of their last 5 on the back of a giveaway epidemic. I think Peter Laviolette needs to focus on just that. Not the forecheck, not the powerplay, not faceoffs, not puck battles. He needs to get this club to believe that the one thing they don't do in their own zone, when they have the puck on their stick, is give it to the other team. That's it. "We're the best in the league at leaving our zone." That's where this team needs to get.

- - - - - -

In happier news, of all the votes for first goal last night, Danny Briere was the clear consensus. Had the contest been "3rd and 5th" goal a lot more people would have been in last night's drawing. As it stands, there were only a handful of Scoot Hootnell's picked, and although @flyersfan124 (Ashley) almost won for the second week in a row, it was the extremely gangsta profile pic'd @Mager_jim who survived our random drawing from a Reading Royals Reebok 11k. So congrats Jim. Hit us up on DM or email us at flyersgoalscoredby@gmail.com with your choice of shirt, size, and address.