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It's Hartnell Time | October


The renissance of Scott Hartnell is upon us.

There have been plenty of stories written over the past two weeks about Hartnell's diminished role and decrease in ice time that have obviously led a number of people to jump to the conclusion that Hartnell will/should be traded. Which is ridiculous.

Forget for a moment about his NTC and his $4.2M cap hit and consider this - the guy's missed 3 games in 4 seasons as a Flyer while averaging 23 goals and 50 points. Yes he takes too many penalties but he also plays a gritty Flyers brand of hockey.

Well shit, if it's just because he hasn't scored a goal yet this season should we trade Jagr too?

We're 8% of the way into the season, and in 5th place in the conference. The Bryzgalov-Coburn miscommunication on Saturday was a visible example of a team that is still settling in and getting to know each other.

Speaking of Saturday, against the Blues Hartnell had the 6th most ice time of the forwards, he mixed it up with the Blues captain and took him off the ice, and led the team with 5 hits. And yes, he took a stupid cross checking penalty in the 3rd. Sometimes that's going to happen with him.

Hartnell's the type of player who will continue to work hard and he'll finally get through his little slump and find the back of the net.

Lavy was spot on about him and Jagr - you're not going to keep them off the scoresheet forever. And if the Flyers traded people for slumping Jeff Carter would have been on the block multiple times during his 45 goal season.