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Flyers Punday Winner | September


We often feel bad for our sister blog over at The Royal Half. (They're actually one of the only non-Flyers hockey blogs we enjoy but if you EVER tell them that I'll stab you with a cucumber. Up the anus.) Which is why it was no surprise to us that the winner of a contest they've been running for a very long time actually surfaced a week after they stopped running it. We always tell them "pick it up, gluestick."

Enough about them.

This post begins and concludes our Punday competition. I mean, the Flyers website is quoting the guy from Maroon 5. And whoever wrote that headline did so at 11:39 last night. So instead of being at a bar where that song may have been playing and grinding up against some slimey co-eds they were at a coffee shop or something. That is just awful to picture.

But not as awful as this. I honestly have not been able to get past the first line. Holy hell this is the worst thing I've ever seen: 

Straight out of the Czech....Republic...."