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Petition to Bring Eric Lindros Back to Philly for the Winter Classic - Sign Me | September


Seeing as 6:30 on any given game night at the Wells Fargo Center is basically a Flyers alumni reunion, and given the prevalence of alumni games at previous outdoor NHL events, one would have to assume that the still unannounced 2012 Winter Classic will have some sort of alumni component to it.

Which is why I implore you to sign this petition to convince Eric Lindros to return to Philly for whatever ballyhoo the Winter Classic creators come up with.

I'm not going to make some impassioned plea, or point out how fans in any situation rarely have all the facts, I'm just going to say that all that "stuff" happened so long ago, and was so far from the ice, that it doesn't matter. What does matter is that Big E was Philadelphia sports from 1992 through 2000, while the Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies (except for '93) all blew.

Crazy 8's. Legion of Doom. Art Ross. The guy is Philly sports in the '90's, and we're running out of opportunities to have him back.

He didn't make it back for the big, touching ceremony where Mike Richards was given the captaincy of the Flyers (remember that?) and I'm not sure when another opportunity will present itself.

He should be part of Philly folklore. He should be a guest commentator from time to time on Flyers broadcasts. He should be kissing babies dipped in Crab Fries in the WFC before games. At the very least he should be centering Johnny Vermont and Mikael Renberg during an outdoor alumni game at a Flyerstravaganza where they'll be combing the Canadian country side for former Flyers. Trent Klatt will be there.

So sign this and forward it to your friends. Or Phil Crowe's gonna come looking for you at the Winter Classic.

Sign HERE.