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Written by Ryan | 21 October 2011


Well that wasn't fun. And now nothing else going forward will be either. Things will never be the same. The locker room will forever be marred by last night's loss.

Bryz won't be as funny and carefree.

Jagr is probably considering early retirement.

The rookies' shine has dulled.

I heard JVR is applying for Libyan citizenship.

Dios mio…Jody Shelley will probably play against St. Louis. What happened to our new toy?

- - - - - -

In happier news from happier times, yesterday at about 12:30 in the afternoon @flyersfan124 not only guessed that Claude Giroux would score the first (read:only) goal of the game for the good guys, later she was also fortunate enough to have her name drawn from one of those old-fashioned lotto ball things that you have to crank by hand.

DM us girl, with the shirt that most tickels your fancy. Not all designs are on lady shirts but that can be fixed easy peasey. Just tell us which you want and if you have a better idea than currently exists we'll custom make that shiiiittteeee for you.

Congratulations! And to the rest of our contestants, May the odds ever be in your favor!

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If we had been running a contest for which Flyer would put the puck on a Caps player's tape when the team was 1:20 away from going into the dressing room up 1 after the first, I think everyone would have guessed the same person, and I think everyone would have been right.

They have reunite that jamoke with Briere. Maybe put Jagr on the wing as LeinoIOS5.

- - - - - -

I really appreciated Bryz's effort on both parts of the Joel Ward goal. Hope I see a lot more of that this year.

I'm never going to dance again, guilty feet have got no rythym….

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Written by Fran | 20 October 2011

Schenn City

Have we got one for ya tonight, Flyers fans.  The Washington Capitals are in town and two of the East's best square off in what will be a slobberknockin' panty-droppin', Giroux-danglin' hellova good time.  This game features some of the best danglers and scorers in the Eastern Conference.  Last year's tilts were always shootouts, many needing overtime to decide the winner.  The start of this season has been very fun to watch, and thankfully we have another enjoyable matchup tonight, just in time for the weekend.

The Capitals may be the best team the Flyers have faced so far this year. An undefeated squad, the Caps roll 4 good lines and pressure their opposition in a number of ways. It will be a daunting task for the Flyers defense to contain the Caps rushes at even strength, and even tougher to keep their powerplay off the board.  We'll be seeing Thomas Vokoun in goal for Washington as Michal Neuvirth is still on the shelf.

Keep in mind the stink the world made when Bryzgalov signed for 69 years and Vokoun for only one.  I'm sure the main subplot of this game will be how this one 60 minute contest will define the winner and loser of the summer's free agency goalie grab. Vokoun is a better Marty Biron.  That is not a knock, but Vokoun wasn't the long term goalie the Flyers needed.  Will he be good for the Caps for 1-2 years?  Yes.  Would you be willing to build your team around him?  Doubtful. Both tenders have been playing well early, and I expect both to be ready to go tonight. 

Regardless of the outcome in tonight's game, the big news is that Brayden Schenn got the call and will be playing his first game as a Flyer tonight.  What line he's on and how much ice he sees remains to be seen, but all of Flyerdom is geeking out to see this kid in real action.  We're hoping Lavvy ices an all-rookie line of Read, Schenn and Cooters on the wing.  It may be safer to spread the rooks out across 3 lines, but that isn't the plan this year.  The Flyers seem to have something with their young talent, and testing that talent is the best way to see what lies ahead. It will certainly be scary seeing three 14 year olds potentially going up against OV, Backstrom and Knuble, but that doesn't mean it's not going to be wildly entertaining. I hope they get tons of ice time and are paired together all night.   It adds another layer of awesome onto this already tasty hockey-cheeseburger we all get to eat tonight. 

Kimmo Timmo has been extremely impressive to start the year, and he's up for another tough task tonight.  Don't be surprised if Timonen finds the scoresheet as well.  Puck drop can't come soon enough.  Those Caps are back at the Well, buckle up for some awesome action.  Let's Go Flyers.

REMINDER: It's T-Shirt Thursday around these parts. You could have one of our beautiful shirts for free. All you have to do is email us, tweet at us, or drop a deuce in the comments with the name of the Flyer you think will score first tonight. Everyone who choses the player who scores will be put into a drawing and the winner can select any of the shirts in our store. No shipping. No tax. No nude pics required.

Rules for all you hamsters out there:
- 1 entry per email address, 1 per commenter name, 1 per twitter handle (so you could enter 3 times)
- that's it.

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Written by Ryan | 20 October 2011


Known better by a younger generation of Flyer fans as the color commentator who was about 50/50 in identifying his own team's players, and by and even younger generation as the guy who just wandered into their club box and choked down a pizza in the corner, Gary Dornhoefer was an integral part of the Flyers Stanley Cup winning teams.

And much more of a formidable opponent than I've ever given him credit for.

I'm currently reading one of hockey's seminal works, George Plimpton's Open Net. It tells the story of a time when hockey players didn't hate journalists, to the point where the Bruins allowed Plimpton, who was not a hockey player in the least, to join them for all of training camp and then play 5 minutes in a preseason game against the Flyers. As a goalie.

Although it was written over 30 years ago, the book provides a vivid glimpse into the psyche of the modern day NHLer, covering everything from pride to drinking to Don Cherry to fighting to muking to summers on the lake to the game itself. A part I'm finding particularly interesting, however, really has little to do with the Bruins or Plimpton, but the esteem with which the Bruins players hold Gary Dornhoefer. You always hear about Clarke, Shultz, Kelley, MacLeish, Leach, Barber and a slew of others, but I always though of Dorny as more of a fringe player. Yeah, he has a statue outside of the WFC, but that was because of a great goal he scored, not because he was such a great Flyer. Or was it? Maybe their one in the same.

Dorny is mentioned a number of times in the book, but here are a couple selections that have me looking at him in a different light:

The first mention of Dornhoefer comes out of nowhere:
They talked a lot about the big Philadelphia rightwinger, Gary Dornhoefer. "You'll be seeing a lot of him," they said. "He'll jam you in the crease. He's not supposed to touch you, but he likes to jam, set a screen so you can't see what's going on out there. All you'll see will be the numbers on the back of his jersey - number twelve, if that's of interest to you."
"Thanks," I said.
"Oh yes, you're going to have a tête-à-tête with Dorny. You'll have a great rapport with him."
Apparently, Dornhoefer was hugely irritating. Larry Robinson of the Canadiens had once tried to "knock the stuffing" out of him - as they put it - by checking him into the boards…on this one occasion with such a vengeance that play had to be stopped while workmen came out with hammers and crowbars to pry the bent-out section back into place. I asked if Dornhoefer had been cooled down by this treatment.
"None of you is going to try to help me by 'knocking the stuffing' out of Dornhoefer?"
"What happens if I get in a scuffle with him?"
"If Dornhoefer fights you in the crease, we're all skating to the bench. We'll have some water, and blow a bit, and watch. We're not fooling around with that guy. You're on your own."

And later when talking to his roommate, Seaweed, another goalie:
"…in your game against the Flyers you're going to have to deal with Dornhoefer shoving at you…"
"I've been hearing about him."
"Dornhoefer," Seaweed said. "Big Philly wing. Gary Dornhoefer. If you don't clear him out of there you won't be able to see anything. He parks his rear right in your face. He blots out the sun. You have to chop him in the ankles with your stick. Crack him in the ankles."

A conversation with the Bruins goon, John Wensink:
"Philadelphia has four or five of them who can go… Dornhoefer, he can go too."
"Oh yes?"
"You'll have to worry about him. He'll be in the crease with you. He is not really an enforcer. But he likes goaltenders. He likes them very much."

A couple of days later, another conversation turns to G Dorn:
"What you're going to see is Dornhoefer, big guy, who's going to get in the crease with you."
"You were telling me about him the other night. My sleep was fitful."
"He's like a really big, go-get-'em type dog, one of those big elkhound types, trying to get into bed with you. You've got to get him out."
"You're sure you won't let me go to Hershey?"
"No, he's all yours."

Some in-the-lockeroom pre-game advice from Jerry Cheevers:
"As for Dornhoefer, he'll jam you in the crease," he went on. "He's not supposed to touch you, but you'll think he's part of your uniform. Get rid of him. Crack him with your stick!"
"Crack him with my stick?"
"That's right. Chop him."
"Chop him. You expect me to chop Dornhoefer."
"Why not?"
"I can hardly lift my stick up. Much less chop anyone with it."
"Use both hands."

In the end, Dorny isn't really involved in Plimpton's five minutes in the NHL. The Bruins keep the Flyers pinned down in their end for the first two minutes. Then there are some goals on Plimpton and a penalty kill, and then it's all over. As fast as you'd think.

But the reverence that his enemies held for Gary Dornhoefer, I have to tell you, it kind of surprised me. And it meant more that it wasn't an old man remembering an adversary the size of Paul Bunyan, that it was tough guys in their prime talking about Dorny in his prime. He really must have been quite the player out there. Too bad for him that he was surrounded by so many better players.

Actually, he probably feels differently about that last sentence. Especially every time he catches a glimpse of his two Cup rings when he's finishing of a stranger's pizza crust in a random club box.

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Written by Ryan | 19 October 2011

"She wanted to name the baby Ty, but he wanted Nathan...for Nathan Gerbe."

"He leads the Sabres in penalty minutes."

Ice T nods.

- - - - - - - 

Just for the record, this season Gerbe has 4 PIM in 5 games and last year he came in 12th on the squad with 34 PIM in 64 games.

Also, he's 5'1.

SVU with a swing and a miss on the goon/tough guy allusion.

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Written by Ryan | 19 October 2011

While I don't necessarily like (or notice) Matt Walker as a player or personality on the Flyers club, I appreciate his desire to stay off the bus and buckled into the charter.

Last night Walker, despite a gaggle of high sticking penalties, did all he could to prove to Lavy, Homer, and his teammates that he wants to be part of this hockey team even though he's probably overpaid. First he dropped the mitts with Chris Neil of his own accord, and then he stood up for the boys by having his best fight in a Flyers uniform yet.

As long as he can continue to avoid any glaring mistakes in his own zone he should give Andreas Lilja a run for his Euro. 

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Written by Ryan | 19 October 2011


As voted on by you, the fan, here are a look at the top 7 goals the Flyers scored during their 7-2 victory over Ottawa last night. Ready? Here we go.

No. 7 Max Talbot
He looked like he was pushing his stick around like a kid learning how to skate by leaning on a chair, but the great pass from rookie sexsation Sean Couturier lands this one in the top 7.

No. 6 Claude Giroux
You don't get many wristers from the top of the circles in on NHL goaltenders, but you don't get to play many games against the Senators AHL goaltending either.

No. 5 Wayne Simmonds
Matt Read was plugging away and Wayne Simmonds pulled out his fanciest trick shot yet on this spin-around-and-fire-it-right-into-the-middle-of-the-net-even-though-Bill-Clement-will-later-say-you-roofed-it shot.

No. 4 James van Riemsdyk
The defenseman was all like "no you're not going to stand here" but guess where JVR was standing when Kimmo let the perfect shot go from the point? Here.

No. 3 Sean Couturier
Real nice pass from Matt Carle to set up reverse vampire Sean Couturier for his first of surely 500 NHL goals. Kid better acquire a taste for Jelly Krimpets, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Recap: No. 7 Max Talbot, No. 6 Claude Giroux, No. 5 Wayne Simmonds, No. 4 JVR, No. 3 Sean Couturier

No. 2 Matt Read
Rookie Matt Read set the tone for the game with his opening short-side snipe. I bet that kid could shoot a little item off a far away target. Would love to see what else he "learned in college."

No. 1 Harry "I had to look up how to spell his last name" Zolnierczyk
Nice move from a kid who probably, at points in his life, thought his NHL dream was lost. Thought he would never make it. That was pure joy on Harry Z's face after his nifty goal. And he'll always have this to remember it by:


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Written by Ryan | 18 October 2011


The Senators have their own Matt Read. Or should I say Matthieu.

Last spring the desperate to not suck anymore Sens got their Holmgren on and signed Parisian sophomore Stephane Da Costa to an entry level contract after the conclusion of his second year with Merrimack. Yes that says Parisian. As in baguettes, wine and group sex.

As you can see below Da Costa wasn't really growing much in Hockey East, so it made sense for him to jump to the pro game. Whether he spends some time in Binghamton or not is another question.


Da Costa won't be spending any time in Binghamton tonight as he's slotted to center Milan Michalek and Daniel Alfredson on Ottawa's second line. He's also slotted to avoid anything like this happening again. Ever. In his life.

So make sure to keep an eye out for Stephane DC tonight. He can be a nifty play maker out there. Plus if he does anything cool you can turn to your buddy and say "That's how they do it in Paris" and then throw in an air hump just so he has absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

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Written by Fran | 18 October 2011


Kimmo My Timmo.

The Flyers hit the road this evening for an early week tilt with the Ottawa Senators. The Sens find themselves in the basement of the Northeast, having amassed 2 points in their first 5 games. They still have some snipers, but this Senators club is in heavy rebuild mode. Old Ottawa stalwarts Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza are surrounded by young, raw talent. There are dudes on this Senators team that I don't think were born until 2004.  Half the team doesn't even know who Jesse and The Rippers are. The ice is tilted in the Flyers favor tonight.  If that is a good thing or not has yet to be determined.

So fans, is tonight a trap game?  This is certainly the first Flyers game of the season without any extra "weight" associated with it.  Ottawa at home is always a fickle beast for the Flyers, so pay attention to how Philly responds to Saturday's loss.  I'll be looking for the team to take less penalties and to maintain their balanced scoring attack.  Sergei Robertrovsky is in net for your Flyers, and it's looking like he'll be up against Alex Auld.  The Senators have given up a league high 4.6 goals per game, and one of their "better" defensemen, Sergei Gonchar, is out this evening.  Read that again...4.6 goals per game.  Holy jumpin'. I think I smell a Jaromir Jagr hattie.

This is a winnable game and will further reveal this new Flyers club's tenacity.  To be critical, the Flyers had ways of playing down to opponents in the past few years.  Winnable games became nail biters, and left all of us wondering how the hell does a team that can compete with the likes of Boston and Pittsburgh get shutout against the Panthers.  This question won't be answered in one game, and naturally, teams are prone to "lay an egg" at times, but this early in the season, with the taste of a bitter home loss in their mouth, I think we're all hoping the Flyers come out and put up some crooked numbers early on these Senators.  Puck drop is at 7.  Panty drop is at 7:05.  Chris Neal still is one of the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Ryan | 18 October 2011


He was the last to know.

It was news to Claude Giroux when he returned to Voorhees last month and the key bound to his neck by a string no longer worked on the front door of a house he had come to call his home.

As it turned out, the long summer apart gave Danny Briere some time to think about life, and not liking the direction he saw things headed in, Briere made a change.

"You know, the summer's a good time for reflection," said Briere, sitting on the back porch of his New Jersey home, BB gun resting between his legs. "Claude's a great guy but something was missing."

Giroux is now back out on his own, prowling the Delaware Valley like the meat-eating jungle cat he so closely resembles on the ice. While Briere, however, it would seem has already moved on.

Flyer rookie Sean Couturier is the newest member of the Briere household, joining Briere, his sons, and two dogs in his suburban abode.

"We just kind of hit it off the very first time we met. Danny even texted me to congratulate me at the draft. On top of all those emotions that day I couldn't believe that I was getting a text from one of my idols, who is now so much more. It's funny that even though there's a pretty significant age difference we have a surprising number of things in common, like playing junior for Drummondville and being drafted in the first round."

Giroux is a bit surprised at the speed with which Briere has seemed to move on, which leads him to think this is just a temporary arrangement. "I think Danny is just trying to fill a basement shaped hole right now, rather than deal with the reality of the situation. So he's distracting himself a little bit."

"To go from part of the family to the guy sitting across the street in his car eating a 12 pack of tacos and watching what should have been your life playing out on the windows of your old home, that's just not something I was really ready for when I came back to Philadelphia this season."

Let's hope that this change in situation doesn't affect Giroux's performance this season. While he's come out of the gates with a respectable 5 points in 4 games he still trails Florida's Turd Versteeg by 2 points. But if living with Briere is the magic ingredient for Couturier in the same way it seemed to be for Giroux, we can surely expect a lot out of him this year.

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Written by Ryan | 17 October 2011


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