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Written by Fran | 15 October 2011

Today is a game against the Kings, but c'mon, you know it's more than that.  Mike Richards returns to Philly barely three minutes after he was traded.  I'm ready to put the whole story behind us, but not without a proper sendoff from the Philly faithful.  Mike Richards was a great player and deserves a great ovation tonight from the crowd.  FGSB will be there, clapping for our old 18.  We took part in a Mike Richards Roundtable over at Puck Daddy so go check it out for some Rolfcopters.  The Kings are a deep, dangerous club, and this game will take a big time effort to earn a win.  I can't wait to see Bryz in person and to feel the Well's energy again.  These type of games don't happen often, so make a day of it.  Eat 18 donuts this morning, start drinking your 18 beers at noon and tailgate for 18 hours...also try to get 18 kisses from 12 girls named 'Simon'.

Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, John Stevens, Rox Hextall, yamma hamma hamma.  Not to mention Simmer going up against his former club, and I think he scores somewhere between 17 and 45 goals tonight.  Today is going to kick ass, no matter the result of the game.  Kick back and enjoy two great teams with quality talent on display.  Standing O for Richie, and then we bury it. Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Fran | 13 October 2011

Our good friend and Phillies bolgger extraordinaire Zoo With Roy is back with his latest masterpiece. 
Through three games he's been a major storyline, rightfully deserving for some Zoo artwork.
Simmer meet Zoo, Zoo, Simmer.
Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Ryan | 13 October 2011


Who's next? The Lightning? The Sharks? How many teams from last year's playoffs do we have to beat until they just hand us the Cup?

Shit is getting ridiculous.

Claude Giroux, Chris Pronger, and …blah blah blah yeah yeah whatever. What the fart was with those penalties in the third period and why do refs always feel the need to make sure the number of power plays each team has is close to even each game? Are they just trying not to get chewed out by one of the coaches?

Here's a rundown on our 3rd period penalties and the emotions that each stirred up:

2:25 Philadelphia James van Riemsdyk, Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Are you shitting me? Is he just not old enough to call you a flapping asshole? What, he showed you up in front of 20,000 people by shrugging like a little girl after he thought he was hooked? And who are you? The nun from Sister Act? Is there no cursing allowed on your ice? No dancing in your tiny little town? If ANYTHING give the kid a 10 minute misconduct that results in no power play, you ass shit. Man advantages should be reserved for things player do to each other during the course of a game, not dished out every time a ref gets his feelings hurt. Also, make the fucking hooking call next time.

5:10 Philadelphia Zac Rinaldo, Roughing - Zac, are you a fucking idiot? You checked a guy in his head with 15 minutes to go in the third. A guy that was on his knees. Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph! If any of you think we need a 12th forward cut from that mold you should probably just start tuning in to Thursday Night Raw Smackdown, because violence that doesn't even accomplish anything has no place on the ice.

10:17 Philadelphia Jaromir Jagr, Hooking - The big butted one is going to get some of these this year, but not as many as a rookie would. Jagr's always lunging from behind and coming dangerously close to getting called for hooking and this time they booked him. That's fine. But Elder acting like his hands literally were no longer functional, like there was no chance in the world he could get two hands back on his stick, that was a little much.

14:26 Philadelphia Jake Voracek, Boarding - Any ref in the world should have seen that Alberts purposefully pulled up short so as to catapult himself safely into the boards but also make it look like he was hit from behind. Ref, you got played. Not surprising.

16:30 Philadelphia Chris Pronger, Interference - Pronger was right to be livid about this. In a sport where tenure gets you leeway (See: Jagr Hooking), especially when you're still short-handed, marginal calls should go your way. Especially when the penalty is a result of you PUNCHING SOMEONE IN THE BACK AND THEY FALL LIKE A GUARD AT THE WRONG END OF MY SNIPER RIFLE IN MEDAL OF HONOR. You fucking Sedins…

Can't believe the Flyers held off that power play for 10 full minutes in the third and another 1:30 of 6-on-5. Held off as in didn't lose, not as in didn't get scored on.

Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe that was a tactic of ours? I mean, how do you get the 17th best penalty kill to be better? Practice, right?

Cheers to the second most penalty kill time in the league!

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Written by Ryan | 12 October 2011

We generally use this space for evil, like promoting our haunted house where only kids can come in and they can never talk about what happens inside. Ever. Especially to their parents. Today we want to use it for good. You better bet your ass that if this were available around me I'd be there pronto:

"We are looking for people who are willing to share their skating skills with Special Olympic athletes from Montgomery County. If you love to watch the Flyers or figure skating we need your support. We meet once a week at the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society in Ardmore PA from 3:15pm to 4:15pm most every Sunday between September 18th, 2011 and the middle of February 2012. We have a wide range of athletes with a wide range of skills that need help with basic skating skills all the way up to others who are skating programs with music. So if you are a hockey player or a figure skater we would love to hear from you. Call me or text me at 302-521-1006 on my cell or email me back off this add."

I ran across this on Craigslist today and if even one of you considers doing this, or at least passes it on, I'll consider our tiny contribtution to the effort to be a success.

Hit us up in the comments if you decide to go or know someone who does.

The original post on CL can be found here.

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Written by Fran | 12 October 2011

Yeah, these guys are uh...good.

With all the eyes of Philadelphia upon them, the Flyers are set to open the Well for the first time this season. Starting the year 2-0, including a shutout, has the Flyers fanbase a buzz.  Nobody really knew what to expect in term of team chemistry after the summer the club had, but the early reviews are positive. Add to that a Phillies collapse, an Eagles nightmare and a cloudy NBA future, and you have yourself one orange and black thoroughbred to get you through the Philadelphia Winter. 

Vancouver is our guest tonight.  The reigning Stanley Cup losers.  The "us" from 2011 is here to help the Flyers open their barn.  Vancouver is fully loaded and a tough matchup for the young Flyers club. Vansterdam is a tough, somewhat unknown Western Conference foe.  If we play them again this year, it'll be for the Cup.  You'll recognize Robert Luongo in goal, and the Sedin twins scissoring each other's bungholes at center ice.  Keep your eyeballs on Mikael Samuelsson, another of the league's aging Sweedes who can still snipe. Dreamboat Ryan Kesler is still out with a number of injuries and his tenacious two-way play will thankfully be in the pressbox. You'll remember Maxim Lapierre from his Habs days and spoiler alert: he's still a prickly little weasel. Ex-Flyer Andre Alberts will be skating on the Canucks blue line, so be sure to roll your eyes at him when Lou introduces him. The Canucks look poised for another Cup run.  One way they'll get there is by winning a lot on the road.  They are unbeaten in Philly since 2003. Granted, we don't play them that frequently, but that is a stat I would like to see killed and dead and gone by night's end. This is another excellent test for the Flyers young core.  Will Lavvy throw Cooters against the Sedin twins?  That will be a very interesting matchup, especially on the Flyers penalty kill where Cooter has been hanging out.

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Written by Ryan | 11 October 2011

If you're unfortunate enough to have relatives out in Western PA, and they somehow figured out what to do with their private parts between shots of Jager and sandwiches with fries in them, a good way to stick to them is to head over to the NHL store and buy them one of these get ups:


It's a good way to buy them something they'll like and still make fun of them at the same time.

Plus the kid is probably going to have a rough life, so it's a nice gesture to make sure it will at least have one pair of clothes.

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Written by Ryan | 11 October 2011


Haven't been on the webs much lately. If someone already took this lame joke then sorry. If not then shame on you all.

"Real men don't sit around in garbage waiting for change to happen, they put on hockey equipment and make their own change from inside the system." - JJ, circa 1994

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Written by Ryan | 10 October 2011


This is definitely just a sad, pathetic gripe by a Flyers fan, but I was thinking about the head shot rule other day and wondered if the Stevens-Lindros hit grabbed in the screen shot above wouldn't have been suspension worthy in 2011.

For 12 years now people throughout the hockey universe have agreed on the fact that this was a clean shoulder check. And in 2000 it was, but the paradigm and associated perspectives have shifted. Under the new rules I honestly believe Stevens may have been out of the playoffs and then some for this hit:

Here's Rule 48, right from the league's official rule book.

48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact is not permitted.

Maybe the head wasn't targeted purposefully, but it was definitely the principal point of contact. Just sayin' lolollozzzomg.

In the end, it's a moot point for a variety of reasons:
- Lindros should have been more aware
- It happened forever ago
- These rules didn't apply back then

But it's interesting to consider the case, as a "clean hit" isn't what it used to be 10, 20, or 30 years ago.

I would have to guess that the if this hit happened last night Brendan Shanahan would spend most of this morning picking out a professional looking shirt and sport coat combination in preparation for his screen time on the NHL Network, where he'd probably hand out at least a 5 game suspension to Scott Stevens. And in the process seriously hindering the Devils chances of taking down the Stars and winning the Cup in 2000.

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Written by Ryan | 09 October 2011

Flyers 3, Devils 0, Dave Clarkson's Face 3

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Written by Fran | 08 October 2011

I see you Dave, Brown....

We get our second taste of the new look Flyers this evening as they head to Newark to take on the New Jersey Devils. Thursdays opener was an entertaining tilt and showed us many things about this Flyers club. A familiar foe awaits Philly tonight, and this Devils team is looking to erase last years  troubling season.  The ol' Turnpike battle is always filled with the type of Atlantic Division grit we all love.

 Thursday night's game started off horribly, followed by a dominating middle and then a butt-clenching finish.  We all saw some rust on Captain Pronger.  We all saw some flashes of brilliance from the Giroux-Jagr-Rabbit line.  We all saw KimmoTimmo kick the entire city of Boston's butt. Overall, the Flyers looks very solid.  A great 4th line presence centered around Max Talbot and a very good team defense.  Bryzgalov was very sharp in a very hostile environment.  Some nervous play from Read, Cooter and Rinaldo, but overall the rooks looked good.  A big negative was Simmonds and Hartnell.  Luckily, a game against the Devils is just the type of game for these guys.  I fully expect Simmonds and Hartnell to factor into the outcome tonight.  Both guys are going to be in Marty's face and hopefully attacking on the forecheck.

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