Written by Ryan | 28 September 2011


And sign this freaking petition to bring back The Big E: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/lindroswinterclassic

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Written by Ryan | 28 September 2011

Get a set of these. If I had a friend I totally would. Maybe I could get my parents a pair? Then I'd have to go upstairs...eh too much trouble. But you definitely should get some of these:









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Written by Ryan | 27 September 2011


Still trying to piece together my own thoughts on the Avery-Simmonds exchange last night. It's definitely wrong on Simmonds part, but it's not literally a slur against Avery, which makes it a strange case. But that doesn't mean that Avery can't be offended by it. Simmonds' vehicle to communicate anger was an offensive slight towards the homosexual community. And to Simmonds it probably doesn't even mean that, it probably means "fuck you you little bitch/pussy." I'm sure he didn't set out to offend all homosexuals during last night's game. Probably wasn't in the game plan. Even though he might just have accomplished it.

Are any women readers offended by guys calling each other pussies? Or if a guy called another guy a little girl or something, would that be a bit offensive?

Anyway, while I try to get my brain around the extent of Simmonds' wrongness, here's a few articles you can read on the incident and its implications on the rink, in life, and the future of mankind:

Puck Daddy

Jesse Spector of The NY Daily News

Katie Strang of ESPN

Thrashing the Blues

Canucks Army

Joe Yerdon at Pro Hockey Talk

The Globe and Mail

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Written by Ryan | 26 September 2011


Here's what you missed when you were out living your life or watching whatever it is the Phillies and Eagles think they're doing:

- Scott Hartnell almost died but then did not. He's going to a cardiologist to figure out why he had a high heart rate after the second period of Friday night's game in Detroit. Early indications are that it was just the excitement of playing with Jaromir Jagr.

- All the chumps were sent down to the AHL.

- Meaning, the questionable guys that remain with the team are battling it out for actual roster spots. Read vs. Nodl, Couturier vs. Sestito and the Shelley hole, and Schenn vs. no one because he's going to be on the team.

- The Winter Classic is going to be announced today while the Rangers are in town. Possibly hokey activities planned for the 1:30 announcement at CBP include having Chris Pronger pitch a full game against the Rangers, a 40 man game of pickle, and a fake basebrawl between the two clubs.

- Sir Pete Laviolette has announced that the rosters for remaining 3 games will more closely reflect what he aims to ice on opening night. Bryz might even get all three starts.

- Tonight and Thursday night's games are televised.

- FGSB Fran and FGSB Ryan will be in attendance for Saturday's game at The Rock in Newark. Tweet at us if you want to buy us beer.

- It looks like Pronger will be ready to go for the beginning of the regular season, and the common thinking among the journos is that he's actually kind of relishing his role as captain.

On that note, Sam Carchidi had a good article over the weekend on how the atmosphere in the locker room - granted it's very early in the year - is different than it has been the past couple preseasons. Obviously nothing serious has happened as far as the regular season is concerned, we're still undefeated in that aspect, but the apparent excitement in the locker room actually got me kind of excited for what I was previously concerned would be a Bad News Bears type season. Maybe this group is a rag-tag mish-mosh of players, but what if that doesn't matter. Maybe you don't need 3 years of slow cooking to create a championship club. If Jagr can perform and Simmonds, Voracek, van Riemsdyk, and Schenn step their game up a bit, maybe this Flyers team could be dangerous in the East.

Check in with me again after we lose 3 in a row during late October...

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Written by Ryan | 24 September 2011


We often feel bad for our sister blog over at The Royal Half. (They're actually one of the only non-Flyers hockey blogs we enjoy but if you EVER tell them that I'll stab you with a cucumber. Up the anus.) Which is why it was no surprise to us that the winner of a contest they've been running for a very long time actually surfaced a week after they stopped running it. We always tell them "pick it up, gluestick."

Enough about them.

This post begins and concludes our Punday competition. I mean, the Flyers website is quoting the guy from Maroon 5. And whoever wrote that headline did so at 11:39 last night. So instead of being at a bar where that song may have been playing and grinding up against some slimey co-eds they were at a coffee shop or something. That is just awful to picture.

But not as awful as this. I honestly have not been able to get past the first line. Holy hell this is the worst thing I've ever seen: 

Straight out of the Czech....Republic...." 

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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011


Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr


Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr



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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011

Firstly, let me state the obvious - something that shouldn't even need to be said. Whoever threw that banana on the ice during Wayne Simmonds shootout attempt is disturbed, confused, and challenged. What he did was terrible and while Peter Luukko only went as far as to "not condone" the actions I will go as far as to condemn them to hell and back. I'd like to deliver a Brad Pitt on Jared Leto style ass whooping on the person who did that.

To my point.

As fans of Philadelphia sports I would hope, and it looks like I'm wrong, that we know better than to cast lazy generalizations at the entire population of a city as a result of the actions of a few (or in this case one). London, Ontario is a beautiful town filled with almost entirely hard-working, honest and kind people. It's a shame that one of its citizens (or maybe not even) is going to drag this city's name through the mud as a result of their stupidity. It's almost a form of terrorism against the name of the city, when you think about it.

The same thing goes for Red Wings fans. If it was indeed a Red Wings fan, that does not make all Red Wings fans racists. And although it's fun to cut up towns in pre-game and post-game articles for their declining industry and Eminem affiliation, to attach the actions of a single person to an entire population is just dangerous.

Whoever did this is not from London, is not a Red Wings fan, is not a Flyers fan and in fact is not even a hockey fan. He's in his own little group. He needs help. We need to be aware these people exist and not let them get away with public acts of racism, no matter the size, and to not let them alter our perception of hundreds of thousands of people with a single, stupid act.

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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011

It took Flyers prospect Derek Mathers 1:58 into the new OHL season to drop the mitts and 45:28 to notch his first tally of the season.

Here's the fight, in which he shows mercy on his opponent, and during which I realize how dumb we sound as Philadelphians as we gave a guy with the last name MAthers (not Mathers) the nickname Marshall, as in the Eminem.

And here's an interview Mathers did when he got back to Peterborough after rookie camp:

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Written by Fran | 22 September 2011

Old and crusty and mean and crazy.  And to his left Todd Bertuzzi.

Just when you were getting used to not having any hockey in your life, here come the Flyers to jam 4 straight nights of games right down our throats.  Tonight they are in London, Ontario to play the Detroit Red Wings Presented by Amway.

 It seems like every preseason has at least one tilt in London, and it'll be fun to watch the team play in a smaller stadium.  Last night the main Flyers core looked a bit rusty, and the upbeat tempo we saw from the rookies on Tuesday was a bit lost amongst the older, Hartnell-infused lineup.  One thing that didn't look rusty was Jody Shelley's suspenion-ability.  No official word yet, but look for Jody to be gone for the rest of preseason and maybe a few in October.

 After a few games, the lineups in preseason will begin to reflect what Lavvy and the coaches are liking.  Young guys who get slotted into a 2nd or 1st line combination are there to be reviewed and dissected, to see if they have any potential to stick in this club.  Guys like Schenn, Read and Zach Rinaldo.  All three of these guys have a legit shot at making the Flyers, and that is some exciting shit.  We are very close to having an old, grizzly defense and an offense filled with young thoroughbreds that play like they just drank ten code red mountain dews.

 Another promising rookie, Thomas Hyka scored last night and got the Well going with his Allen Iverson "Can you hear me now?" impression. Unfortunately Hyka is a  casualty of the Flyers mishandling the CBA.  Broad Street Hockey has a great rundown on the event, and basically it means Hyka will be eligible for next years draft.

 Game is being streaming on the Flyers website tonight.  Enjoy it.  Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Ryan | 22 September 2011


I don't know what's in the water in Kladno, Czech Republic, but I do know what's in the pants - big butts.

Last night when I was watching Jake (as Jim Jackson informed us he likes to be called) Voracek control the puck and burst into open areas of ice I was thinking "who does this massive man with extraordinary puck control remind me of…?"

JJ. Mario Jr. Jaromir. His hero, and maybe even father, from the same town in the Czech Republic.

What puck control we're going to be able to display in the offensive zone this season. Voracek has that thing on a string, and if Jagr is even 3/4 of the Jagr he used to be, he'll have it on a longer string on the very next shift.

Voracek's only hit the 50 point mark once in his young NHL career, but he was playing on the Blue Jackets. A team that Jeff Carter can tell you sucks.

(Fun fact: We have the #8 pick from the 2011 draft, the #5 pick from the 2009 draft, and the #2 and #7 picks from the 2007 pick currently on our roster. We also have the #5 pick from the 1990 draft and the #2 pick from the 1993 draft. Hooooochie mama.)

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