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Written by Ryan | 02 October 2011

After helping to carry off his barely conscious teammate just seconds before, Jim Vandermeer looked for a little revenge Thursday night in the form of a scrap with his old Phantoms teammate, Todd "The Refridgerator" Fedoruk. And this is what it looked like:

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Written by Ryan | 30 September 2011


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Written by Ryan | 30 September 2011


The Devils take a weak shot on net. As the camera follows the shot you notice Chris Pronger is grinding Stéphane Veilleux into a snortable compound against the back post. Veilleux backs up a bit so he can actually go eye to face with Pronger. Everyone in the building knows Veilleux isn't going to actually do anything, but his posture and positioning are defiant towards the Flyers captain. Just the fact that he's had Pronger's attention for so long lets you know that, from our point of view, he at least did something wrong. And now he's in a battle of wills with our captain.

Well, was, until Wayne Simmonds came in and fired Veilleux over the back of the net and then eye fucked him back to his bench.

Now it became obvious when we returned from the commercial break that Pronger had actually been in the wrong, as he was the only one sitting in the box, but that's only in the ref's eyes anyway. Whatever he did, Veilleux must have deserved it. Pronger's the captain of the Flyers. Simple enough.

But that's not even the point. The point is it didn't matter if Pronger had been Andre the Giant and Veilleux was a 6 year old kid, no does that to your captain. No one dares to look him in the eye and stands indignant with his chest puffed out in his direction. The only thing you give the Flyers captain is reverence. And I don't care if it's Lady Byng herself against your monstrous captain - you look cross at the Flyer wearing the C on his chest and you're going to get a lot of attention. Bad attention.

I think Hartnell appreciated the Simmonds gesture so much that after he rocked Veilleux later in the game he double mushed him into the ice.

None of this is to insinuate that this type of behavior didn't happen last year…but it didn't. Richards was always laughing after whistles and tucking his mouth guard into his glove with the posture of a JV football player that just been told to take an extra lap.

And this isn't me cashing in all my Richards chips for a Pronger stack but I am looking forward to the intensity Pronger's going to bring to this team. He's the kind of guy that will trick his own players into waking up by starting trouble just to have them come in and get their blood flowing. Which is maybe what he did last night.

- - - - -

In a related note, Wayne Simmonds tucked the first syllabus in the trapper keeper last night, which meant that 8 people had correctly chosen The Night Train to open up scoring. We mean to be more transparent in these drawings as the season progresses but we threw the winners into a helmet and plucked out @mclassick as the inagural winner. Matt, we'll DM and you and you can have your run of the shop. Contest will be on again next week.

- - - - -

In a related note to that, Fran does most of our in-game tweeting here at the blog. As Vice President of Advanced Social Media and Sock Puppet-making that's his job. But I had an extremely funny thought last night, so I tweeted it, and it just did not get the response I hoped for.

For a variety of reasons, I thought it was funny that Scott Hartnell was the one warming up Bob midway through the second. One being I'm sure he missed the net at least once and the other being that his second shot was so off the mark that the rebound went into the corner. Also, just the way the refs seemed to hesitate to even give Bob a warm up. So I hopped on my little mental red trolley and went to my own private Neighborhood of Make-Believe and pretended that the refs had decided that Hartnell actually needed shooting practice, instead of Bob needing a couple shots before joining live action. And this happened:

@flygoalscoredby:Why did Hartnell just get shot practice?
@flyersgirl38: Warming up Bob. Only happens in preseason. #letsgoflyers

I could have worded it a little more sharply, but flyersgirl38, I appreciate you trying to help me out, but come on girl….

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Written by Ryan | 29 September 2011


The basics:

1. Every Thursday during the season (when the Flyers play) we're giving away one of our home brewed shirts found here in our gear shop.
2. You can win it
3. All you have to do is send an email to Flyersgoalscoredby@gmail.com, hit us in the comments, or tweet us with the name of whoever you think is going to score the first goal of that night's game for the Flyers.
4. That's it.

Everyone who chose the player who does in fact score will be put into a drawing and the winner can select any of the shirts in our store. No shipping. No tax. No nude pics required.

We'll post a reminder every Thursday morning and you have until the clock strikes Puck Drop PM to just type the name of a Flyer. Easy peasey Richard Park.

Rules for all you hamsters out there:
- 1 entry per email address, 1 per commenter name, 1 per twitter handle (so you could enter 3 times)
- that's it.

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Written by Ryan | 28 September 2011


And sign this freaking petition to bring back The Big E: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/lindroswinterclassic

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Written by Ryan | 28 September 2011

Get a set of these. If I had a friend I totally would. Maybe I could get my parents a pair? Then I'd have to go upstairs...eh too much trouble. But you definitely should get some of these:









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Written by Ryan | 27 September 2011


Still trying to piece together my own thoughts on the Avery-Simmonds exchange last night. It's definitely wrong on Simmonds part, but it's not literally a slur against Avery, which makes it a strange case. But that doesn't mean that Avery can't be offended by it. Simmonds' vehicle to communicate anger was an offensive slight towards the homosexual community. And to Simmonds it probably doesn't even mean that, it probably means "fuck you you little bitch/pussy." I'm sure he didn't set out to offend all homosexuals during last night's game. Probably wasn't in the game plan. Even though he might just have accomplished it.

Are any women readers offended by guys calling each other pussies? Or if a guy called another guy a little girl or something, would that be a bit offensive?

Anyway, while I try to get my brain around the extent of Simmonds' wrongness, here's a few articles you can read on the incident and its implications on the rink, in life, and the future of mankind:

Puck Daddy

Jesse Spector of The NY Daily News

Katie Strang of ESPN

Thrashing the Blues

Canucks Army

Joe Yerdon at Pro Hockey Talk

The Globe and Mail

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Written by Ryan | 26 September 2011


Here's what you missed when you were out living your life or watching whatever it is the Phillies and Eagles think they're doing:

- Scott Hartnell almost died but then did not. He's going to a cardiologist to figure out why he had a high heart rate after the second period of Friday night's game in Detroit. Early indications are that it was just the excitement of playing with Jaromir Jagr.

- All the chumps were sent down to the AHL.

- Meaning, the questionable guys that remain with the team are battling it out for actual roster spots. Read vs. Nodl, Couturier vs. Sestito and the Shelley hole, and Schenn vs. no one because he's going to be on the team.

- The Winter Classic is going to be announced today while the Rangers are in town. Possibly hokey activities planned for the 1:30 announcement at CBP include having Chris Pronger pitch a full game against the Rangers, a 40 man game of pickle, and a fake basebrawl between the two clubs.

- Sir Pete Laviolette has announced that the rosters for remaining 3 games will more closely reflect what he aims to ice on opening night. Bryz might even get all three starts.

- Tonight and Thursday night's games are televised.

- FGSB Fran and FGSB Ryan will be in attendance for Saturday's game at The Rock in Newark. Tweet at us if you want to buy us beer.

- It looks like Pronger will be ready to go for the beginning of the regular season, and the common thinking among the journos is that he's actually kind of relishing his role as captain.

On that note, Sam Carchidi had a good article over the weekend on how the atmosphere in the locker room - granted it's very early in the year - is different than it has been the past couple preseasons. Obviously nothing serious has happened as far as the regular season is concerned, we're still undefeated in that aspect, but the apparent excitement in the locker room actually got me kind of excited for what I was previously concerned would be a Bad News Bears type season. Maybe this group is a rag-tag mish-mosh of players, but what if that doesn't matter. Maybe you don't need 3 years of slow cooking to create a championship club. If Jagr can perform and Simmonds, Voracek, van Riemsdyk, and Schenn step their game up a bit, maybe this Flyers team could be dangerous in the East.

Check in with me again after we lose 3 in a row during late October...

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Written by Ryan | 24 September 2011


We often feel bad for our sister blog over at The Royal Half. (They're actually one of the only non-Flyers hockey blogs we enjoy but if you EVER tell them that I'll stab you with a cucumber. Up the anus.) Which is why it was no surprise to us that the winner of a contest they've been running for a very long time actually surfaced a week after they stopped running it. We always tell them "pick it up, gluestick."

Enough about them.

This post begins and concludes our Punday competition. I mean, the Flyers website is quoting the guy from Maroon 5. And whoever wrote that headline did so at 11:39 last night. So instead of being at a bar where that song may have been playing and grinding up against some slimey co-eds they were at a coffee shop or something. That is just awful to picture.

But not as awful as this. I honestly have not been able to get past the first line. Holy hell this is the worst thing I've ever seen: 

Straight out of the Czech....Republic...." 

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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011


Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr - Jagr


Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr

Jagr - Jagr



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