Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

Question: What's the best thing about a hockey fight?

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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

In place of actual writing we present a clip of the day that Ron Hextall got his hair punched off by Alanis Morrisette's boyfriend:

And a bonus video that you can't find anywhere but this blog, the always classic McCarthy and Berube vs. Domi:

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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011


Now that you're all wondering back to pasture from the beach or Six Flags or Germany I think it's important to let you know that yes, these exist, and no, you do not own any of them.

Go here and get some.

If you buy any of these shirts in the next year, and find us at a game wearing it, we'll reimburse you for shipping in the form of a $7 Bud American draft.



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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

. . . .


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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011


Just as the Flyers fine-tune specific parts of their game, such as the penalty kill, power play, and punching Joffrey Lupul in the mug, I'm going to use the preseason to focus on specific aspects of my game as well. This morning's drill? Ledes. Or leads. Depending if you dropped $50k on a journalism degree or are just a straight up D. Unless Sarah or Timmy P from the CSN crew are reading this, because I love those two dearly.

Anyway, I do believe in the maxim that practice makes perfect, so here's me practicing one aspect of my game reviews, the lede/lead:

1. Vince Young was right about The Dream Team. He just had the wrong colors.

2. Goaltending is no longer the question for the Flyers. It's the answer.

3. The Flyers totally fucked up the Leafs. Hard.

4. Sean Couturier? More like Sean GretzkyLemieux.

5. It wasn't unusual that #17 scored a goal for the Flyers last night. It was unusual that this time he was black.

6. One game into the preseason and the Flyers have already displayed their lack of discipline.

7. Penalty Killing? More like Penalty Homiciding.

8. The Flyers might have to ice two separate teams all fracking year they're so freaking deep.

9. You must feel like a pretty stupid idiot when Zac Rinaldo scores a goal on you. Maples Leafs goalie James Reimer knows that feeling today.

10. James van Riemsdyk is not living up to his potential. And he knows it.

11. Oskars Bartulis is apparently alive. Alive and playing shutdown defense.

12. The Flyers brought in Jaromir Jagr to help light a fire under their mediocre powerplay. That's exactly what he did last night. Even though he wasn't there.

13. The Air Canada Centre doesn't provide free Diet Dr. Pepper. And that's some bullshit.

14. Everyone knew Matt Carle was Norris Trophy material. Last night he proved it.

15. Wayne Simmonds was everything the Flyers wanted in their 4-0 shutout rout of the Maple Leafs.

16. Where was Claude Giroux last night. No one knows. He is missing.

17. Time to pop bottles.

18. Hockey's about having fun, and apparently the Leafs' version of fun is totally getting boinged by the Flyers.

19. Jeff who? Sheriff Wayne Simmonds that's who.

20. Is Broad Street available for a parade in the middle of June? If last night was any indication the Flyers will be having parades there each June for the next 10 years.

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Written by Fran | 19 September 2011

Welcome back everybody. Tonight, we get our first glimpse of the new look Flyers as they square off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's the first of four games in a row, a fun way to kick this preseason into gear.   This week is a great way to combine this collection of the new and the old. To, dare I say, smelt the summer parts down into little orange and black toy soldiers, available in stores this fall.

It'll be interesting to see what team Peter Laviolette ices tonight, and even more interesting to see who skates for the Leafs.  Toronto played on Monday night, with a roster that included Dion Phanueff, Colby Armstrong and Jay Rosehill.  Phanueff got into a man-dance after delivering a great check against the Senators.   With Brayden "the next next one" Schenn set to play for Philly, it'll be fun and borderline cute to see him play against his slightly older brother, Luke, a defenseman for the Leafs.  Both are real big prospects for their clubs, so keep an two eyes on each of them. Along with Luke Schenn, expect to see a few of these jabroni's tonight in T-Dot.  Joffrey Lupul, Tim Connolly and Phillip Kessel. BONUS HOT BROTHER ON BROTHER ACTION: The Kessels may be all up in this place, and Phil and Blake try to out-weird the Schenns.  Not really expecting any sort of defensive battle tonight, more about getting used to playing at a faster, more intense level...and kicking the mascara right off of Colton Orr's fat face.

We'll be seeing either Sergei Bobrovsky or Michael Leighton in goal tonight, with Bryz and Jagr getting their first preseason action tomorrow night in Philly.

All of the questions that we all have from this unbelievable offseason begin to be answered tonight.  Can the aging-yet-dominant defense be the new identity of this team?  Do we have enough scoring depth?  Are Canadian goalies from Mars, and Russian goalies from Venus? I don't know.  You don't know.  I don't even think Paul Holmgren knows.  And that's what makes this season so incredibly exciting. Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Ryan | 19 September 2011


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Written by Ryan | 19 September 2011


Welcome to Philly, Mario Jr.

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Written by Ryan | 19 September 2011


In 30 training camps throughout North America 30 teams are skating hard, working a bit on systems, and players are trying to get used to playing with some guys they didn't even know up until last week. Young guys are vying for roster spots on the big club, but will most likely be returned to juniors or the minors for another year on the bus instead of chartered flights. Coaches and GMs are assessing their situations.

One of the funnier aspects of training camp is that about half the league has winning the Stanley Cup on the mind while other teams have more modest goals, whether spoken or unspoken, of making the playoffs or in the case of the Senators finishing over .500.

The Maple Leafs, Jets, Panthers, Islanders, Senators, Blue Jackets, Avalanche, Blues, Oilers, Stars, and Flames have absolutely no chance of running the league. This doesn't mean that the fan bases in these towns, or the players on these teams, should be any less excited than people in other cities. I mean, the NHL is back, so there's excitement enough.

Teams that are undoubtedly pushing for the hardware this year are the Caps, Bruins, Lightning, Canadiens, Red Wings, Sharks, Canucks, and Kings. Those 8 teams can all truly envision their captain holding the Cup high above his head next Spring.

Which leaves us with 11 teams that are capable of shitting the bed or going deep into the playoffs, possibly all the way like a good Meatloaf song.

In the East there are the Pens, Sabres, Rangers, Hurricanes and in the West the Ducks, Predators, Coyotes, Blackhawks, and dare I say it, Wild.

But who am I forgetting? Who is the one team that I absolutely have no idea about? Ah yes, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Whether it's Hartnell - Nylander - Nodl, Briere - Giroux - Shelley, Jagr - Talbot - Simmonds….however it shakes out, what the freak is going to happen this year? And that's why I'm more excited than the beginning of any of the previous seasons we've had this blog running - the anticipation, the wonder about this little 6 to 8 month trip we're about to take. We're just about all packed up and ready to head off.

Goaltending - Double Check
Defense -Almost ready
Offense - Uhhhh…check?

This week of preseason games will be fun. All the speculation about rookie-on-rookie action is fun and helps to pass the time, but on Thursday October 6th a referee will be standing at center ice holding a puck 2 feet above the ice. The rematch against almost the same exact team that we couldn't even earn a win against last May will be seconds from starting. They are the same team, we are not. What is going to happen?

What the hell is going to happen when that puck drops?

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Written by Ryan | 16 September 2011


Seeing as 6:30 on any given game night at the Wells Fargo Center is basically a Flyers alumni reunion, and given the prevalence of alumni games at previous outdoor NHL events, one would have to assume that the still unannounced 2012 Winter Classic will have some sort of alumni component to it.

Which is why I implore you to sign this petition to convince Eric Lindros to return to Philly for whatever ballyhoo the Winter Classic creators come up with.

I'm not going to make some impassioned plea, or point out how fans in any situation rarely have all the facts, I'm just going to say that all that "stuff" happened so long ago, and was so far from the ice, that it doesn't matter. What does matter is that Big E was Philadelphia sports from 1992 through 2000, while the Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies (except for '93) all blew.

Crazy 8's. Legion of Doom. Art Ross. The guy is Philly sports in the '90's, and we're running out of opportunities to have him back.

He didn't make it back for the big, touching ceremony where Mike Richards was given the captaincy of the Flyers (remember that?) and I'm not sure when another opportunity will present itself.

He should be part of Philly folklore. He should be a guest commentator from time to time on Flyers broadcasts. He should be kissing babies dipped in Crab Fries in the WFC before games. At the very least he should be centering Johnny Vermont and Mikael Renberg during an outdoor alumni game at a Flyerstravaganza where they'll be combing the Canadian country side for former Flyers. Trent Klatt will be there.

So sign this and forward it to your friends. Or Phil Crowe's gonna come looking for you at the Winter Classic.

Sign HERE.

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