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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011

Firstly, let me state the obvious - something that shouldn't even need to be said. Whoever threw that banana on the ice during Wayne Simmonds shootout attempt is disturbed, confused, and challenged. What he did was terrible and while Peter Luukko only went as far as to "not condone" the actions I will go as far as to condemn them to hell and back. I'd like to deliver a Brad Pitt on Jared Leto style ass whooping on the person who did that.

To my point.

As fans of Philadelphia sports I would hope, and it looks like I'm wrong, that we know better than to cast lazy generalizations at the entire population of a city as a result of the actions of a few (or in this case one). London, Ontario is a beautiful town filled with almost entirely hard-working, honest and kind people. It's a shame that one of its citizens (or maybe not even) is going to drag this city's name through the mud as a result of their stupidity. It's almost a form of terrorism against the name of the city, when you think about it.

The same thing goes for Red Wings fans. If it was indeed a Red Wings fan, that does not make all Red Wings fans racists. And although it's fun to cut up towns in pre-game and post-game articles for their declining industry and Eminem affiliation, to attach the actions of a single person to an entire population is just dangerous.

Whoever did this is not from London, is not a Red Wings fan, is not a Flyers fan and in fact is not even a hockey fan. He's in his own little group. He needs help. We need to be aware these people exist and not let them get away with public acts of racism, no matter the size, and to not let them alter our perception of hundreds of thousands of people with a single, stupid act.

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Written by Ryan | 23 September 2011

It took Flyers prospect Derek Mathers 1:58 into the new OHL season to drop the mitts and 45:28 to notch his first tally of the season.

Here's the fight, in which he shows mercy on his opponent, and during which I realize how dumb we sound as Philadelphians as we gave a guy with the last name MAthers (not Mathers) the nickname Marshall, as in the Eminem.

And here's an interview Mathers did when he got back to Peterborough after rookie camp:

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Written by Fran | 22 September 2011

Old and crusty and mean and crazy.  And to his left Todd Bertuzzi.

Just when you were getting used to not having any hockey in your life, here come the Flyers to jam 4 straight nights of games right down our throats.  Tonight they are in London, Ontario to play the Detroit Red Wings Presented by Amway.

 It seems like every preseason has at least one tilt in London, and it'll be fun to watch the team play in a smaller stadium.  Last night the main Flyers core looked a bit rusty, and the upbeat tempo we saw from the rookies on Tuesday was a bit lost amongst the older, Hartnell-infused lineup.  One thing that didn't look rusty was Jody Shelley's suspenion-ability.  No official word yet, but look for Jody to be gone for the rest of preseason and maybe a few in October.

 After a few games, the lineups in preseason will begin to reflect what Lavvy and the coaches are liking.  Young guys who get slotted into a 2nd or 1st line combination are there to be reviewed and dissected, to see if they have any potential to stick in this club.  Guys like Schenn, Read and Zach Rinaldo.  All three of these guys have a legit shot at making the Flyers, and that is some exciting shit.  We are very close to having an old, grizzly defense and an offense filled with young thoroughbreds that play like they just drank ten code red mountain dews.

 Another promising rookie, Thomas Hyka scored last night and got the Well going with his Allen Iverson "Can you hear me now?" impression. Unfortunately Hyka is a  casualty of the Flyers mishandling the CBA.  Broad Street Hockey has a great rundown on the event, and basically it means Hyka will be eligible for next years draft.

 Game is being streaming on the Flyers website tonight.  Enjoy it.  Let's Go Flyers.

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Written by Ryan | 22 September 2011


I don't know what's in the water in Kladno, Czech Republic, but I do know what's in the pants - big butts.

Last night when I was watching Jake (as Jim Jackson informed us he likes to be called) Voracek control the puck and burst into open areas of ice I was thinking "who does this massive man with extraordinary puck control remind me of…?"

JJ. Mario Jr. Jaromir. His hero, and maybe even father, from the same town in the Czech Republic.

What puck control we're going to be able to display in the offensive zone this season. Voracek has that thing on a string, and if Jagr is even 3/4 of the Jagr he used to be, he'll have it on a longer string on the very next shift.

Voracek's only hit the 50 point mark once in his young NHL career, but he was playing on the Blue Jackets. A team that Jeff Carter can tell you sucks.

(Fun fact: We have the #8 pick from the 2011 draft, the #5 pick from the 2009 draft, and the #2 and #7 picks from the 2007 pick currently on our roster. We also have the #5 pick from the 1990 draft and the #2 pick from the 1993 draft. Hooooochie mama.)

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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

Question: What's the best thing about a hockey fight?

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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

In place of actual writing we present a clip of the day that Ron Hextall got his hair punched off by Alanis Morrisette's boyfriend:

And a bonus video that you can't find anywhere but this blog, the always classic McCarthy and Berube vs. Domi:

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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011


Now that you're all wondering back to pasture from the beach or Six Flags or Germany I think it's important to let you know that yes, these exist, and no, you do not own any of them.

Go here and get some.

If you buy any of these shirts in the next year, and find us at a game wearing it, we'll reimburse you for shipping in the form of a $7 Bud American draft.



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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011

. . . .


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Written by Ryan | 21 September 2011


Just as the Flyers fine-tune specific parts of their game, such as the penalty kill, power play, and punching Joffrey Lupul in the mug, I'm going to use the preseason to focus on specific aspects of my game as well. This morning's drill? Ledes. Or leads. Depending if you dropped $50k on a journalism degree or are just a straight up D. Unless Sarah or Timmy P from the CSN crew are reading this, because I love those two dearly.

Anyway, I do believe in the maxim that practice makes perfect, so here's me practicing one aspect of my game reviews, the lede/lead:

1. Vince Young was right about The Dream Team. He just had the wrong colors.

2. Goaltending is no longer the question for the Flyers. It's the answer.

3. The Flyers totally fucked up the Leafs. Hard.

4. Sean Couturier? More like Sean GretzkyLemieux.

5. It wasn't unusual that #17 scored a goal for the Flyers last night. It was unusual that this time he was black.

6. One game into the preseason and the Flyers have already displayed their lack of discipline.

7. Penalty Killing? More like Penalty Homiciding.

8. The Flyers might have to ice two separate teams all fracking year they're so freaking deep.

9. You must feel like a pretty stupid idiot when Zac Rinaldo scores a goal on you. Maples Leafs goalie James Reimer knows that feeling today.

10. James van Riemsdyk is not living up to his potential. And he knows it.

11. Oskars Bartulis is apparently alive. Alive and playing shutdown defense.

12. The Flyers brought in Jaromir Jagr to help light a fire under their mediocre powerplay. That's exactly what he did last night. Even though he wasn't there.

13. The Air Canada Centre doesn't provide free Diet Dr. Pepper. And that's some bullshit.

14. Everyone knew Matt Carle was Norris Trophy material. Last night he proved it.

15. Wayne Simmonds was everything the Flyers wanted in their 4-0 shutout rout of the Maple Leafs.

16. Where was Claude Giroux last night. No one knows. He is missing.

17. Time to pop bottles.

18. Hockey's about having fun, and apparently the Leafs' version of fun is totally getting boinged by the Flyers.

19. Jeff who? Sheriff Wayne Simmonds that's who.

20. Is Broad Street available for a parade in the middle of June? If last night was any indication the Flyers will be having parades there each June for the next 10 years.

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Written by Fran | 19 September 2011

Welcome back everybody. Tonight, we get our first glimpse of the new look Flyers as they square off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's the first of four games in a row, a fun way to kick this preseason into gear.   This week is a great way to combine this collection of the new and the old. To, dare I say, smelt the summer parts down into little orange and black toy soldiers, available in stores this fall.

It'll be interesting to see what team Peter Laviolette ices tonight, and even more interesting to see who skates for the Leafs.  Toronto played on Monday night, with a roster that included Dion Phanueff, Colby Armstrong and Jay Rosehill.  Phanueff got into a man-dance after delivering a great check against the Senators.   With Brayden "the next next one" Schenn set to play for Philly, it'll be fun and borderline cute to see him play against his slightly older brother, Luke, a defenseman for the Leafs.  Both are real big prospects for their clubs, so keep an two eyes on each of them. Along with Luke Schenn, expect to see a few of these jabroni's tonight in T-Dot.  Joffrey Lupul, Tim Connolly and Phillip Kessel. BONUS HOT BROTHER ON BROTHER ACTION: The Kessels may be all up in this place, and Phil and Blake try to out-weird the Schenns.  Not really expecting any sort of defensive battle tonight, more about getting used to playing at a faster, more intense level...and kicking the mascara right off of Colton Orr's fat face.

We'll be seeing either Sergei Bobrovsky or Michael Leighton in goal tonight, with Bryz and Jagr getting their first preseason action tomorrow night in Philly.

All of the questions that we all have from this unbelievable offseason begin to be answered tonight.  Can the aging-yet-dominant defense be the new identity of this team?  Do we have enough scoring depth?  Are Canadian goalies from Mars, and Russian goalies from Venus? I don't know.  You don't know.  I don't even think Paul Holmgren knows.  And that's what makes this season so incredibly exciting. Let's Go Flyers.

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