How to get three Catapults in dominations?

How to get three Catapults in dominations?

The best thing about dominations, it is available on both IOS and an Android version which totally depends on buildings. Buildings are well known as wonders it can give you many pros and you can construct you wonder after every age, for instance, bronze classical and gunpowder.

It comes with three catapults but they allow only two to you. Users will always hear complaints regarding shady tactics. While it is possible to make three catapults which can offer you certain things. In upcoming paragraphs, we will discuss latest tricks on how can build three catapults without any hacking and cheating.

Manufacture the library and make your research

If you are searching for the third catapult then you have to construct your library and search machinery chapter 3. Once you have done these things then final one will available in your base very soon.

Types of variables available

Well, there are many kinds of variable available in your base layout. First one, these one play vital role in your design and nation, Japanese have their own town center that would be defended by itself. with the help of the second variable, you will able to cover your defensive end.  The third one is might be complicated either you can protect your town center or medals, it depends on you what is your choice.

Basic things

Everyone wants to save itself from pray, with the help of basic concepts you will able to save your house from competitors.  Beginners should have two chambers in their walls because it will take a lot of time to break your double walls. Moreover, before moving to another age upgrade your walls and try to construct your catapult.

Decoy buildings helpful?

 Decoy buildings are very helpful for the player to throwing enemies off,  you have to place these buildings on strategically. It would be better if you are placing in the corner of your town that will make harder to destroy easily.

Other helpful tips

Having barracks in your map in the southeast area will help you in classical ages, which will save your towns from attackers.  It would be not hurting if you are sacrificing your resources in terms of your town hall.

Which nation would be better?

Broadly speaking, there is no nation in dominations who has advantages and disadvantages.  While, if you are choosing British which is aggressive then it will give you a lot of coins and points from enemies. On the other hand, they don’t give you a defensive bonus because of a weak system. it has Longbowan unit which has strong attack than other things.

Fighting start

Before starting a fight you need to know about three things, they will see you ready and then steady or final one say that fighting start immediately. If you are using more than one finger it will help you to get at least digits. 

Receive more points

 After completing every part of the game you will start to earn more and more coins into the game. you will see some pop up which appears on the screen after every 30 minutes and you can access bonus treasure after every winning level and be loosing. However, it comes with maximum 500 scores and by watching every video you will able to get 250 coins but also you can try Dominations Hack 2018.

Take a break after sometime

If you are playing game continually then you have to take a break of minimum 30 minutes or one hour. if some logo appears on the screen like as sleeping, it means game allows you to gather some strategic and thoughts.