Role of Buildings in Megapolis

Many types of games are available in the market like the role-playing game, action games, simulation game. The strategy game category is one of the best game categories.  In this category, many types of games are available like Sims city and other, but Megapolis is the best game in this category. In the game, you can create own dream world. Huge types of buildings are available in it. The game all depends on the real life. The best feature is that collect the resources and take part in the different competition.


The buildings are the essential part to make your city beautiful. The 700 different types of buildings are available in the game. It is must require for your citizens, and it is count in faculties for citizens. The huge amount of buildings attract the people, and they come to your city to leave. It is also useful to boost up your level in the game. More quantity of buildings makes your city more popular and develops. Via the buildings, you can collect the currencies from citizens as the taxes. So the buildings are the play an essential role in the game for boosting up your level.

How to unlock buildings-

You know very well in the game 700 different types of buildings. For unlocking the buildings are very harder, but some easiest ways are available to open the buildings. If you want to know about that tips, then read the information.

  1. Missions-

In the game so many types of missions are available. Each mission has different prizes, but sometimes the buildings are unlocked them automatically. When you enter into the mission and complete it accurately, then you win rewards. In the bonus, some time buildings are unlocked. So via the missions, you are able to unlock the buildings.

  1. Daily challenges-

In the quest part, many types of daily missions are available. That mission will be open on a daily basis.  Compete for the mission regularly and able to collect rewards. In the rewards some time, you unlock the many buildings. So it is also the best way to open the buildings and earn the free bonuses.

  1. Currency-

It is also the best way to purchase the free buildings. It means via the help of virtual money and real money you can buy the buildings. When you go into the buildings option, then you have chosen to purchase the building from currency, by using Megapolis Cheats and get more currencies.